Innovative Nano-engineered Asphalt Concrete for Ice and Snow Controls in Pavement Systems

Id: 388

Authors: Halil Ceylan1, a / Ali Arabzadeh1, b / Alireza Sassani1, c / Sunghwan Kim1, d / Kasthurirangan Gopalakrishnan1, e

1 Civil Engineering, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, United States






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Each year transportation agencies go through difficulties for ice or snow removal from the roadways and airport paved surfaces in cold regions. Presence of snow or ice on the paved areas can cause traffic accidents and financial loss from flight cancellations or delays. For overcoming the problems associated with winter pavement maintenance, the use of superhydrophobic (super water-repellent) coating techniques is gaining attention as a smart and cost-effective alternative to traditional snow and ice removal practices. This study focused on creating, characterizing, and evaluating innovative superhydrophobic coatings on asphalt concrete surfaces for ice- and snow-free flexible pavement applications. The Layer by layer (LBL) method was utilized to create asphalt concrete surface coating with the polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) as a well-known super ice/water-repellent material. Superhydrophobicity of the coated asphalt concrete surface was characterized in terms of the water-contact angle. This property was evaluated for different test variables including spray times and dosage rates of PTFE under a statistical design based experimental test program. The results of statistical analyses indicate that the spray time and dosage of PTFE significantly affect the ability of a coated flexible pavement to be icephobic/superhydrophobic. Based on the results obtained from statistical analysis, asphalt concrete samples representing the surface texture of flexible pavements were coated using LBL method. Using a British pendulum tester the performance of coated samples were evaluated against skid resistance. The measurement results indicate that uses of the LBL method for spray depositing the PTFE particles is a promising method for achieving icephobicity, and British pendulum tester can reflect the change effect of the PTFE dosage over the coated asphalt concrete in terms of skid resistance.

Asphalt, De-icing, Friction, Surface Texture, Testing