Photo: Jan Belohlavek

Jan Belohlavek

Jan Belohlavek, MD, PhD, Assoc. Prof. of Medicine

Cardiologist, intensivist in Prague, Czech Republic. Assoc. Prof. of Medicine, board certified in cardiology, angiology and critical care, licenced in invasive cardiology. In charge of cardiac intensive care, ECMO team coordinator. Main clinical and research focus on refractory cardiac arrest, ECMO reperfusion, microcirculation, different ECMO settings and reperfusion. Investigator of the Prague OHCA study comparing hyperinvasive approach – ECPR to standard therapy in refractory cardiac arrest. Participates also on ECMO-CS, cardiogenic shock study evaluating the role of ECMO in severe cardiogenic shock. Chair of the Czech Association of Acute Cardiology, member of the EURO-ELSO steering committee, chairmain of the EURO-ELSO 2018 congress in Prague, Czech Republic.

2nd Department of Medicine,
Cardiovascular Medicine
General University Hospital
Charles University in Prague
U Nemocnice 2, Prague 2
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420224962605