Photo: Heidi Dalton

Heidi Dalton

Dr.Heidi Dalton is a well-known expert in extracorporeal life support with over 25 years of experience. She is a past chair of the ELSO steering committee and conference chair for ELSO. She has written over 100 publications related to ECMO and critical care. While a pediatric intensivist by training, she provides care and training for ECMO patients from infants through adults. As the Medical Director for Innovative ECMO Concepts Inc. as well as through her own consulting company, Dr. Dalton provides training, educations, program development and transport oversight for ECMO patients who require movement between centers. Dr. Dalton is the Adult and Pediatric ECLS director for the Inova Fairfax Medical Center in Virginia. She also travels to Anchorage Alaska several times a year to cover a small PICU run by an old ICU fellow. She lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and invites you to visit when you want to escape rain and cold!!