Photo: Arthur Slutsky

Arthur Slutsky

Dr. Arthur Slutsky is Professor of Medicine, Surgery and Biomedical Engineering (University of Toronto) and Vice President (Research) St. Michael’s Hospital. His research has been highly translational, focusing on basic discoveries including: (1) importance of atelectrauma (injury caused opening-closing of lung units), (2) discovery of biotrauma (pulmonary mediators released during mechanical ventilation can lead to distal organ dysfunction), and (3) ventilator-induced pulmonary fibrosis. These findings were followed by clinical research and multi-centered RCTs addressing lung protection in patients with ARDS, as well as demonstrating that protective lung strategies can increase the number of donor lungs available for transplantation. His work has also impacted how patients with normal lungs are ventilated in the ICU and operating room.

Dr. Slutsky has published >500 original papers, 17 books/chapters, and many RCTs which changed clinical guidelines and practice. He has a (Google Scholar) H-index of 115, and his work has received >65,000 citations. He has won numerous awards including the ATS Critical Care Lifetime Achievement Award (2012), Dame Margaret-Turner Warwick Respiratory Lecturer Award of the National Heart and Lung Institute (2014), Honorary Member of European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (2014), CIHR Health Researcher of the Year (2014), and election to the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (2007) and the Royal Society of Canada (2015).