Photo: Kiran Shekar

Kiran Shekar

A/Prof Kiran Shekar


Senior Specialist and Director of Research, Adult Intensive Care Services

Deputy Head, Critical Care Research Group

Centre of Research Excellence for Advanced Cardiorespiratory Therapies Improving OrgaN Support (ACTIONS), The Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane, Australia 



Shekar is a Senior Intensive Care Specialist and Deputy Head of the Critical Care Research Group at the Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. In his clinical role, Shekar is routinely involved in the provision of extracorporeal life support. Shekar’s multidisciplinary Critical Care Research Group conducts translational research into clinical, preclinical and engineering aspects of intensive care including sepsis, lung injury, trauma, blood transfusion, cardiac surgery, mechanical cardiorespiratory support, ex vivo organ perfusion and thoracic organ transplantation.  His key research interests include pathophysiology of ECLS and tissue responses to resuscitation with various fluids and blood products in large animal models of ECLS, trauma and sepsis. He has particular expertise in area of drug pharmacokinetics on ECLS and is the Chief Investigator of an international, multi-centre study that aims to develop dosing guidelines for antibiotic and sedative drugs during ECMO.

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