Photo: Thomas Schaible

Thomas Schaible

Thomas Schaible, MD

Born in 1960 in Schönbronn, Black Forest, Germany

Study in Medicine, University Tübingen, Germany

Education in Pediatrics, University Ulm, Germany

Continuing education in Neonatology and Pediatric Intensive Care, University Lübeck, Germany until 1996

Senior physician for Neonatology, University Mannheim, Germany since 1997

Head of the Interdisciplinary intensive care unit for children, Universtity Mannheim, since 2003

Director of the Clinic for Neonatology, University Medicine Mannheim since 2014

Professor in Pediatrics, University Medicine Mannheim 2017

The Clinic for Neonatology Mannheim is responsible for 4000 births with approx. 60 very low birth weight infants and also for Pediatric Intensive Care. Mannheim is the biggest German ECMO centre for newborn and children with respiratory failure. Research main focus is the standardization of diagnostics and therapy in congenital diaphragmatic hernia (approx. 60 patients per year). Further topics are mechanical ventilation, chronic lung disease and care of the critically ill child.