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List of e-posters
ID: 311
Discrete-time image-reconstruction system with total variation regularization for computed tomography
Ken'ichi Fujimoto
ID: 425
Local affine transformation method for tomosynthesis
Anton Vaisburd
ID: 648
Estimated organ dose variability due to QA protocol
Ahmad Albngali
ID: 888
Assessment of cancer incidence and mortality risks associated with effective dose of computed tomography examinations
Kofi Okyere Akyea-Larbi
ID: 1015
Effects of different imaging parameters on the ct number of coronary plaques in coronary computed tomography angiography: a phantom study
Chai Hong Yeong
ID: 1177
Computed tomography organ dose determination using ImPACT simulation software: our findings in south-west Nigeria.
Michael Akpochafor
ID: 1186
X-ray computed tomography spectral imaging of iron concentrations approaching physiological levels in human tissue
Ziedo Solomon
ID: 1302
Radiation dose measurements in Coronary CT Angiography: Literature Review
Larissa Oliveira
ID: 1331
Dynamic myocardial perfusion measurement using low-dose computed tomography
Sabee Molloi
ID: 1353
Reducing radiation dose in adult plain head CT using a low-dose protocol implemented on a dual slice computed tomography scanner
Juzzel Ian Zerrudo
ID: 1648
Performance of the Toshiba Aquilion 16 MSCT Scanner: Results from a 4 year period
Ana Roda
ID: 1738
Volume scan computed tomography imaging in child craniosynostosis treated patient by expansion cranioplasty
Shuji Abe
ID: 1780
Image density of computed radiography’s film to extend time of processing imaging plate
Chairun Nisa
ID: 102
Development of fibroglandular-variable breast phantom and its application to quantitative assessment of undetectable lesion rate in digital mammography
Yoshiyuki Asai
ID: 104
Prediction of fibroglandular density and breast dose based on physical characteristics and lifestyle habits
Mika Yamamuro
ID: 155
2D/3D effective ultrasound breast examination
Barbara Zitova
ID: 511
Size and shape of spherical objects on full-field digital mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis images
Hidetoshi Yatake
ID: 739
Response of CR detector plates for use in mammography equipment
Mabel Bustos Flores
ID: 1623
Application of clusterization algorithm in the diagnosis of breast cancer in magnetic resonance image: an approach through k-means method
Rodrigo Gondim Miranda
ID: 1888
Image quality evaluation of phase contrast mammographic techniques
Nicolas Pallikarakis
ID: 278
Automatic diagnosis of melanoma using machine learning
Takashi Nagaoka
ID: 518
Spectrum analysis for quantitative skin evaluation
Yuya Murata
ID: 678
Towards in vivo K-edge X-ray micro-CT with the Pixirad-I/Pixie-III detector
Francesco Brun
ID: 942
Dynamic contactless thermography as a supportive imaging method in surgery of colorectal carcinoma
Vladan Bernard
ID: 1163
Thermographic evaluation in patients with hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia by analyzing the hands temperatures
Joaquim Miguel Maia
ID: 1621
A study on magneto-acoustic signals under continuous sinusoidal excitation
Shunqi Zhang
ID: 105
Comparative assessment of optimised T2 and T2* sequences for quantification of iron in paediatric patients with sickle cell anaemia
Azza Ahmed
ID: 354
Basic study of the imaging conditions on tumor volume measurement using 3D-MR imaging of the liver while patient holds breath
Shinichi Arao
ID: 702
Wide tuned volume coil for small Animal MRI on 4,7T
Martin Vít
ID: 1299
Diffusion and perfusion MR parameters in locally advanced rectal cancer management: an explorative study
Mario Sansone
ID: 1319
MRI acoustic noise risk assessment and management
Luca Gentile
ID: 1373
Assessment of brain water content in peripheral inflammation by an optimized single-voxel MR spectroscopy quantitation technique
Abdul Nashirudeen Mumuni
ID: 1374
Prevalence of subclinical lesions in the brain magnetic resonance imaging findings among Migraine patients
Khadijeh Haji naghitehrani
ID: 1622
Fuzzy logic based system in the support of diagnosis of brain tumors
Rodrigo Gondim Miranda
ID: 1719
Fast in-vivo high-resolution diffusion MRI of the human cervical spinal cord microstructure
René Labounek
ID: 1744
Preliminary study of tractography and MR spectroscopy brain examinations in Parkinson’s disease
Hanna Goszczynska
ID: 711
Assessment of changes in cytochrome-c-oxidase concentration in the brain cortex using near infrared spectroscopy: wavelength optimization study
Aleh Sudakou
ID: 796
Human iris diagnostics using double-snapshot method and spectral line imaging
Ilze Oshina
ID: 1053
Diffuse optical imaging for breast screening using a dual-direction measuring module of parallel-plate architecture
Min-Chun Pan
ID: 1311
The study of diagnosis support system for endoscopic image of gastric disease by HSV images
Toshiaki Nagakura
ID: 1404
Capsaicin effects on human facial and neck temperature
Jana Pokorná
ID: 1548
3D Biopsies with MEMS based Handheld Confocal Microscope
Wibool Piyawattanametha
ID: 1900
Mueller matrix formalism applied to the study of biological cells
Andrea Fernandez Perez
ID: 463
High-frequency ultrasound for evaluating sentinel lymph nodes during breast conservation surgery
Garrett Wagner
ID: 283
Development of computer vision techniques to inspect the cytoskeleton rearrangement during stem cell aggregation in time lapse microscopy
Ching-Fen Jaing
ID: 570
Mathematical approach for adding scattered events in image reconstruction by recognizing scattering points in positron emission tomography
Satyajit Ghosh
ID: 417
Material analysis for a new kind of hybrid phantoms utilized in multimodal imaging
Manuel Stich
ID: 1359
Can DTI isotropic p-map improve detection of tumor extension in patients with postoperative glioblastoma: T2 FLAIR/T2 images versus DTI p-map
Manijeh Beigi
ID: 1505
Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging and electroanatomic mapping data semi-automatic merging
Jiri Hozman
ID: 449
Acquisition Parameters and DTI Measures for 8-Channel and 32-Channel Head Coils: A Fiber Phantom Study
Edna Marina De Souza
ID: 931
In the case of CT and other X-ray machines, the failure rules and operation quality assurance measures are studied
Wang Zhiquan
ID: 1201
Quality control in computed tomography
Mirko Alva-Sánchez
ID: 282
Influence of image resolution property on aliasing error of digital Wiener Spectrum
Yasuyuki Kawaji
ID: 566
Evaluation of spatial resolution of MRI, optical CT and X-ray CT using MTF for gel dosimeter
Hiraku Kawamura
ID: 332
Development of a laboratory based refraction-contrast imaging system using industrial x-ray tube
Daisuke Shimao
ID: 468
Co-registration of the dynamic current density map method applied to epilepsy surgery protocol
Juan Pablo Graffigna
ID: 1334
A screening computer software for vestibular dysfunction
Chuchart Pintavirooj
ID: 1400
The Influence of the Thermoacoustic Effect for the Frequency of the Magnetoacoustic Signals
Zhipeng Liu
ID: 1527
Effect of electrode gel application between patient’s skin and electrode belt on electrical impedance tomography of the thorax
Kristýna Buzková
ID: 286
An efficient multiple microbubbles detection method for fast ultrasound super-resolution imaging
Jiabin Zhang
ID: 301
An investigation into applicability of emission tomography maximum – likelihood expectation – maximization reconstruction algorithm for transmission tomography
Sanaz Hariri Tabrizi
ID: 514
Image reconstruction of interior region-of-interest tomography by using inverse geometry system
Kyeong-Hyeon Kim
ID: 1023
A fully reconfigurable 16-channel ultrasound transmit/receive system for biomedical imaging applications
Amauri Assef
ID: 1055
A GPU-based cloud platform for limited-angle reconstruction of cone-beam computed tomography
Yu-Hua Fang
ID: 1150
Ultrasonic image reconstruction based on inverse problems using massively parallel processing on GPU.
Paulo Roberto Bueno
ID: 1274
Calibration of stereo radiography systems using a 3D printed phantom and localization markers
Alexandre Labine
ID: 1275
Prostate motion assessment for stereotactic body radiation therapy
Alexandre Labine
ID: 1387
Accuracy Evaluation on 3D Reconstruction of Trans-femoral Residual Limb Model Using Basic Spline Interpolation
Mohd Syahmi Jamaludin
ID: 1078
Comparison and fusion of different modalities for contactless vital signals assessment
Janosch Kunczik
ID: 65
White matter fiber integrity loss to the limbic orbitofrontal networks in mild cognitive impairment.
Rahyeong Juh
ID: 170
Sperm motility analysis: a novel algorithm for tracking image sequences
Virginia Ballarin
ID: 228
Development of a software tool for analysis of x-ray images: A case study in breast imaging
Zhivko Bliznakov
ID: 411
Mammographic density estimation through permutation entropy
Virginia Ballarin
ID: 443
Quantification of brain lesions in MRI induced bymetallic nanoparticles in patients with Multiple Sclerosis
Marina Piacenti da Silva
ID: 558
Basic study for 3D kinematic measurement of patella from single-plane fluoroscopic image using intensity-based 2D/3D registration
Takaharu Yamazaki
ID: 591
Structural and functional connectivity of anterior nuclei of thalamus for epileptic patients in deep brain surgery
Ruhunur Özdemir
ID: 642
Quantitative assessment of contusion muscles by ultrasound parameters and shear-wave velocity
Shyh-Hau Wang
ID: 839
Quantitative assessment of strabismus and selected vision related anomalies
Shorav Suriyal
ID: 1492
Joint adaptive beamforming to enhance noise suppression for medical ultrasound imaging
Joaquim Miguel Maia
ID: 385
Examination of the spatial structure of pigs melanoma in tissue sections based on histology and mass spectrometry
Jiří Anýž
ID: 817
Ultrasound imaging for microcirculation assessment based on amplitude modulation and Nakagami parameter ratio with microbubbles
Shyh-Hau Wang
ID: 119
A Colored Computer Aided Diagnosis System for Breast Mammography Based on the Wavelet Decomposition Technique
Maha Ali
ID: 163
Digital image processing for objective videokymography
Adam Novozámský
ID: 277
Computer-aided malignancy discrimination of colon tumor using convolutional neural network
Toshiyuki Tanaka
ID: 553
Characterization of breast lesions using BI-RADS features for B-mode ultrasound
Homero Schiabel
ID: 750
Fully automatic CAD system for spine localisation and vertebra segmentation in CT data
Roman Jakubicek
ID: 1082
Early Detection of Tuberculosis using Chest X-Ray (CXR): CLAHE and ICA
Agung W. Setiawan
ID: 1278
Lung Nodules Classification of CT Images Using Cascade Artificial Neural Network
Ana Claudia Patrocinio
ID: 198
Machine learning techniques for classification of breast cancer
Ahmed Osmanovic
ID: 304
Reduction of CT ring artifacts using morphological edge detection and fuzzy neural network
Zhen Chao
ID: 775
Label-free nuclear staining reconstruction in quantitative phase images using deep learning
Tomas Vicar
ID: 780
Comparison of pixel-wise feature classification and convolutional neural network for retinal blood-vessel segmentation in video-data
Michal Hracho
ID: 814
Evaluation of facial attractiveness for purposes of plastic surgery using machine-learning methods and image analysis
Lubomír Štěpánek
ID: 1003
Fingerprint liveness detection
Jakub Kašpar
ID: 1040
Synimage: a computational tool for automated detection of genetic syndrome using facial images
Carla Diniz Lopes
ID: 1072
Development of automated method for determination of difficulty level of treatment planning for IMRT-treated prostate cancer using convolutional neural network
Tomohiro Kajikawa
ID: 1139
Video-based surgical tool classification in endoscopic cholecystectomies
Tamer Abdulbaki Alshirbaji
ID: 1140
Phase recognition in laparoscopic videos: comparing Hierarchical HMM with simple HMM
Nour Aldeen Jalal
ID: 1200
Fingerprint liveness detection
Jakub Kašpar
ID: 1316
Efficient multiclass Support Vector Machine for the classification of embryo time-lapse images using distance function optimization
Nicholas Costen
ID: 498
Identification of optimum filter size of Butterworth filter implemented in spatial domain
Anil Kumar Pandey
ID: 993
An efficient cascaded FPGA-based digital equiripple FIR filter for ultrasound imaging applications
Amauri Assef
ID: 1344
A computational tool for enhancing ischemic stroke in computed tomography examinations
Allan Felipe Fattori Alves
ID: 1766
Variability of the eye accommodation response after sustained work with volumetric image
Karola Panke
ID: 18
Implementation of support tools for the presumptive diagnosis of glaucoma through identification and processing of medical images
Eduardo Pinos-Velez
ID: 207
Method for contrast enhancement of ultrasound image by using portable ultrasound device
Woohyuk Choi
ID: 478
Skin lesion images segmentation by use of the c-means fuzzy method
Talita Salles Coelho
ID: 736
Blood vessel segmentation in retinal fundus camera images using convolutional neural networks
Branislav Hesko
ID: 941
An automatic detection and tracking system for full extraction of morphology and dynamic of golgi tubules analysis
Yuh-Show Tsai
ID: 1099
Automatic Segmentation of Bone CT Image using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Deepshikha Shrivastava
ID: 1332
An automated colony counter for serial-dilution culture method
Naphatsawan Vongmanee
ID: 1343
Optimization of rsfMRI parameters in the method Seed Corelation Analysis (SCA) in cerebellum
Ilona Karpiel
ID: 1345
Automatic identification and extraction of pectoral muscle in digital mammography
Allan Felipe Fattori Alves
ID: 1346
Biometrics based on facial landmark with application in person identification
Aniwat Juhong
ID: 1454
Identity Verification Using Geometry of Human hands
Yutthana Pititeeraphab
ID: 1620
Detection of low wall motion and comparison study with scar tissue using 4D left ventricle cardiac images
Yashbir Singh
ID: 1789
Evaluation of user-guided deformable image registration for thoracic images
Yujiro Nakajima
ID: 118
Diffusion MRI tractography of thalamocortical and optical radiation tracts: comparison between probabilistic fiber tracking and evoked potential in epileptic patients
Emanuele Artuso
ID: 484
Application of Dual Depth Selective Filter to fNIRS to Improve Signal Quality and Localization of Blood Perfusion in Brain Cortex
Mamiko Fujii
ID: 221
Preoperative Prediction of Early Recurrence in Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma after partial hepatectomy
Lei Xu
ID: 980
Predicting H3 K27M Mutation Status of Brainstem Gliomas from Multi-Modality MR Images using Deep Learning
Jia Liu
ID: 1052
Analysis of radiomics in leukemia images with artificial intelligence
Cecilia Garcia Prieto
ID: 1596
Radiomic study predicts radiation induced toxicity in prostate cancer patients
Seied Rabi Mahdavi
ID: 1624
Textural feature robustness against radiological parameters
Rasoul Yahyapour
ID: 734
An engineering module to identify potential diabetes patients and preventive measures for diabetes in developing countries like Bangladesh
Md. Ashrafuzzaman
ID: 151
Using artificial neural network to predict functional recovery of patients treated by intravenous thrombolysis in acute ischemic stroke
Hung-Wen Chiu
ID: 274
Advancing medical practice through computer expert systems
Kenneth Nkuma-Udah
ID: 1289
Medical reasoning oriented orthesis to ease clinical practice and record keeping
Franco Simini
ID: 691
MULTISAB: A web platform for analysis of multivariate heterogeneous biomedical time-series
Krešimir Friganović
ID: 1104
A multicriteria decision making system for setting priorities
Rosimary Almeida
ID: 1348
Design of a noninvasive continuous blood pressure monitoring device
Boonchana Purahong
ID: 1464
Internet of Things and eHealth towards early detection of cardiometabolic diseases
Ricardo Armentano
ID: 1802
An individual patient outcome tool for joint replacement patients
Peter Ellison
ID: 1381
Usability of electronic patient records for assessment and care planning in nursing homes
Kate Shiells
ID: 1479
Raw data access and data security of contemporary mobile sensor devices
Till Handel
ID: 1898
The KONFIDO ethical framework for eHealth cross-border applications
Giuliana Faiella
ID: 818
Security mechanism for medical record exchange using hippocratic protocol
Jose Pirrone
ID: 1046
Computerized Cognitive Assessment System for Dementia Screening Application
Jia-Yun Wu
ID: 1056
Evaluating usefulness of new accessible electronic musical instrument for the disabled persons
Ryuhei Okuno
ID: 1162
A mobile app for the self-management of type 1 diabetes as tool for preventing of exercise-associated glycemic imbalances
Milos Ajcevic
ID: 1214
135/5000 Design and implementation of a videogame system in Android for rehabilitation of the upper extremities in adult patients
Giovanni Sagbay
ID: 1244
Wearable cardiorespiratory monitoring system for unobtrusive free-living energy expenditure tracking
Ke Lu
ID: 1660
Automatic classification method using machine learning with a single inertial measurement unit for trunk posture category of OWAS
Kodai Kitagawa
ID: 1752
Comparison of menstrual phases with nocturnal temperature of the Oura ring and oral body temperature at wake-up
Anna Maijala
ID: 159
Improving the usability of mobile electronic data capturing forms in rural Uganda
Ole Andreas Krumsvik
ID: 400
Real Challenges Associated with Patient Identification
Philomena Ngugi
ID: 703
Study on Non-contact Heart Beat Measurement Method by Using Depth Sensor
Hirooki Aoki
ID: 1431
Computed tomography (CT) imaging translation process for Additive Manufacturing (3D Print) medical devices
Chih Sheng Yu
ID: 1886
A simple room localization method to find technology in a big trauma center”
Elena Ciagli
ID: 305
Is Dose The Best Quantifier Of Biological Damage?
Hong Qi Tan
ID: 635
A radium-223 monte-carlo computational model for bone metastatic disease treatment
Hugo Moreira
ID: 1230
Extension of the RADAMOL tool for modeling radiation damage to nucleosome
Martin Šefl
ID: 1414
The study of biological effectiveness of proton and ion beam by using Geant4-DNA simulation
Piyanud Thongjerm
ID: 1532
Effecet of regimen dietry on myocardial absorbed dose in patients 18F-FDG PET/CT using Monte Carlo simulation GATE
Mersede Mokri
ID: 363
Evaluation of constitutive models for medical grade silicone used in airway endoprotheses
Danton Pereira da Silva Junior
ID: 429
Validation of Geant4 nuclear reaction models for hadrontherapy and preliminary results with SMF and Blob
Carlo Mancini-Terracciano
ID: 465
A feasibility study of treatment planning using optimization algorithm for improving tumor treating fields therapy efficiency
Jiwon Sung
ID: 497
Beam characterization of ELEKTA Compact linear accelerator (LINAC) machine using Monte Carlo methods
Ma. Vanessa Francheska Perianes
ID: 755
Investigation of changes in treatment plan for "CyberKnife" system due to presence of MRI contrast media in patients during CT-scanning
Hubko Anna
ID: 1339
Monte Carlo modelling of linear accelerator therapeutic photon beams and proposal for objective method of entering electron beam parameters estimation
Simona Horova
ID: 1392
Electronic-based model of the sensitive type of mycobacterium tuberculosis
Wahidah Mansor
ID: 1698
Accuracy of a novel head and neck phantom for heterogeneous media verification using an irregular field algorithm
Akintayo Omojola
ID: 26
Validation of simind Monte Carlo simulation software for modeling a siemens symbia t spect scintillation camera
John Enyi Ejeh
ID: 252
Development of a structured breast phantom comprising the ACR BI-RADS® density classification
Homero Schiabel
ID: 355
Noise effects in hepatic fat fraction estimation methods by using magnitude MRI
Yuri Ajala Costa
ID: 398
Modeling of the influence of acquisition parameters on x-ray digital tomosynthesis reconstruction results
Khrystyna Faryna
ID: 1614
Radiation dose rate assessment around patients in PET/CT units
maged elsaadony
ID: 1283
Development of Low Cost Central Monitoring Platform by Modeling and Simulation for Patients Care in Low Middle Income Countries
Md. Ashrafuzzaman
ID: 340
Absorbed dose assessment from decay chain of radon gas in human respiratory system: A Monte Carlo study
Hamid Reza Baghani
ID: 620
Monte Carlo based determination of radiation leakage dose around a dedicated IOERT accelerator
Hamid Reza Baghani
ID: 152
Models of physiological parameters for runners and cyclists
Milan Stork
ID: 343
Balance control in perturbed conditions: an optimized closed-loop model approach
Alessandro Mengarelli
ID: 573
The Effect of the Uncertainty in the Contrast Concentration Measurement on the Estimated Pharmacokinetic Parameters in Brain DCE-MRI Studies
Azimeh Dehkordi
ID: 652
Features of Two Mechanisms of Subarachnoid Space Width Regulation. Proposal of Two New kSSH and kccSS Parameters
Kamila Mazur
ID: 785
Evaluation methodology and measurement of physiological data to determine operational preparedness of air defense staff
Vaclav Krivanek
ID: 1221
Paced Electrical Field Modeling within Ischemic Myocardium
David Korpas
ID: 1424
A highly-detailed 3D model of the human atria
Javier Saiz
ID: 1474
A hybrid cardio-pulmonary simulation platform – an application for extracorporeal assist devices
Piotr Okrzeja
ID: 1481
Physical breast model as a simulator of pathological changes
Tadeusz Pałko
ID: 1483
VirRespir – an application for virtual pneumological experimentation and clinical training
Anna Stecka
ID: 237
RF ultrasound based estimation of pulsatile flow induced microdisplacements in phantom
Monika Zambacevičienė
ID: 1834
Patient-specifc phantom: craniopagus twins for medical training
Antonio Adilton Carneiro
ID: 38
CFD Simulation of Sneezing in a Full Realistic Human Upper Airway
Kamran Hassani
ID: 550
A sliding mode control model for perturbed upright stance in healthy subjects
Alessandro Mengarelli
ID: 773
Genetic algorithms applied to estimate 6-parameters model which define analytical function to simulate the Motor Unity force from experimental measures
Juan Pablo Bermeo
ID: 1142
Study on effect of surrounding fluid property on sperm motility
Toru Hyakutake
ID: 1486
Approximate entropy as a dynamical measure of osmotic water permeability across cell membrane
Juliana Knocikova
ID: 42
Wei-Ling Chen
ID: 483
Numerical simulation of fluid-structure interaction under the condition of pulsatile blood flow of renal artery with radiofrequency electrode
Qun Nan
ID: 556
Non-invasive quantification of coronary artery disease in arterial bifurcations using CCTA and CFD: comparison to fractional flow reserve measurements
Antonis Sakellarios
ID: 852
Velocity measurement at carotid siphon: qualitative and quantitative comparison of Phase Contrast MRI and Computational Fluid Dynamics
Chi Zhang
ID: 1010
Effect of left-right heart during biventricular assist device support by Speed synchronization: A computer study
Phornphop Naiyanetr
ID: 1127
Proposal of physical model of cardiovascular system; improvement of mock ciculatory loop
Lukas Peter
ID: 1637
A new numerical model of the intra-iortic balloon pump as a tool for clinical simulation and outcome prediction
Claudio De Lazzari
ID: 1890
In vitro evaluation of hemodynamic performance for right ventricular outflow tract reconstruction with trileaflet ePTFE valved conduits
Wei-Ling Chen
ID: 82
Depth dose and 2D dose distribution monte carlo simulation of for some radionuclide patch sources in a skin phantom
Azam Afzalifar
ID: 100
Study of the near-infrared measurement of subcutaneous adipose tissue thickness with monte carlo simulation
Dongmei Hao
ID: 1321
Computational Modeling of Drug Delivery for Treatment of Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Nikos Dimitrioglou
ID: 20
Geant4-DNA cross section models for nitrogen, propane and DNA
Heidi Nettelbeck
ID: 62
Numerical simulation of selective withdrawal pertinent to efficient cell encapsulation
Nikos Dimitrioglou
ID: 103
Basic concepts of sensing respiratory sounds at the surface of human chest
Vladimir Korenbaum
ID: 310
Geant4 Simulation For Commissioning Of Proton Therapy Centre
Jun Hao Phua
ID: 315
Electromagnetic compatibility of cardiostimulation technology in relation to human body - the introductory study
Jan Morava
ID: 326
The influence of central corneal thickness towards glaucomatous optic nerve damage in a human eye
Chai Yee Loke
ID: 527
Deployment of circular vs D-shaped stent in the mitral annulus
Fangsen Cui
ID: 705
Computer simulation in the analysis of computed tomography exam times
Rogerio Santos
ID: 1117
Effect of Bristle Geometry on the Cell Collecting Performance of Oral Biopsy Brushes : A Finite Element Study
Barış Oğuz Gürses
ID: 1146
Heat transfer analysis of the temperature-controlled ablation electrode in arrhythmias
Jin-Woo Ahn
ID: 1202
Microrobot Design for Intracranial Surgical Operations via Finite Element Method
Barış Oğuz Gürses
ID: 1436
Problematic ventilation of infant with lung inhomogeneity, studied using hybrid respiratory simulator
Marek Darowski
ID: 1507
Measurement of Electrical Property for Sacrificed Pig muscle and Prototype of Electromagnetic Phantom for Low Frequency Band
Takahiko Yamamoto
ID: 1887
Discrete event simulation model for the analysis of centralized front office service in a regional hub hospital
Elena Ciagli
ID: 46
Biomedical engineering education in Georgia
Irine Gotsiridze
ID: 387
A low-cost pedagogical environment for training on technologies for image-guided robotic surgery
Enrique J. Gómez
ID: 532
Cooperative medical physics education between Heidelberg University in Germany and Gono University in Bangladesh
Golam Abu Zakaria
ID: 600
A virtual CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) learning system using motion capture device
Yasushi Yamauchi
ID: 657
A Ugandan in-service biomedical engineering training program targeting laboratory equipment critical to the HIV clinical cascade
Abdul Mutaka
ID: 813
Medical physics practice and training in Ghana
Francis Hasford
ID: 900
A medical physicist perspective: radiation-therapy in Nepal
Kanchan P. Adhikari
ID: 1148
Medical biophysics as combination of the face-to-face teaching and the remote experiment
Jiří Záhora
ID: 1702
Online training platform applied to imaging education
Simone Silva
ID: 673
The training of clinical engineers in Poland
Kazimierz Pęczalski
ID: 440
Status of radiotherapy engineers in Nigeria
Oluwasegun O. Adio
ID: 1646
A Training Program for Radiotherapy Technicians, a Novel Experience
Carlos E. De Almeida
ID: 1866
The Swedish Society for Medical Engineering and Physics
Caroline Hagström
ID: 458
Physics education in medical colleges: proposing an extended syllabus
Hiba Omer
ID: 925
Design and implementation of a continuous education program for mammography technicians, preliminary results
Hector Alejandro Galvan-Espinoza
ID: 348
Technology-based educational master program in nuclear medicine
Irina Bazhukova
ID: 578
Monte Carlo simulation of a linac using PRIMO: user-friendly educational tool which can be taken to the Cloud for free
Angelina Bacala
ID: 897
Development of a biomedical engineering e-Encyclopaedia
Kenneth Nkuma-Udah
ID: 1734
EASIER: Technology-enhanced learning of surgical and interventional technical and nontechnical skills
Enrique J. Gómez
ID: 1422
Audit of the brachytherapy planning at Genesis Cancer Care Queensland
Svetlana Sjostedt
ID: 1563
Evaluation application for tracking and statistical analysis of patient data from hospital real time location system
David Oczka
ID: 30
Off-label use of medical devices in cardiovascular medicine - when the final decision about the safety and effectiveness is needed
David Macku
ID: 1691
Clinical and technological evaluation of the hydrocolloid dressing used as nasal protection in newborns submitted to non-invasive ventilation
Percy Nohama
ID: 1705
Preparation of rice flour bread available at the time of disaster
Chizuru Yagi
ID: 21
In vivo dosimetry in total body irradiation
Eilen Llanes Veiga
ID: 892
Impact of weight value entered into MR system for RF-induced heating of metallic implants
Atsushi Ono
ID: 176
Development of identification system for surgical instruments using UHF band RFID and low-intensity antennae
Ryosuke Hosaka
ID: 195
An ergonomic evaluation of physical and mental loads in standing-up motion from forward-sloping toilet seats
Shuichi Ino
ID: 945
Measurement on the Swallowing Sound of the Thickened Water Using an Acoustic-Emission Microphone
Manabu Chikai
ID: 29
One pulsatile heart pump size does not fit all patients
David Macku
ID: 1136
Automatic summary of unstructured patient's medical records
Michaela Stonová
ID: 1235
Metrological procedure for autoclave tests to mitigate adverse events in health care processes
Tito Motter
ID: 1553
Evaluation of the radiation dose in computed tomography examinations using a simulation model and experimental verification
Ehab Attalla
ID: 368
Optimal variable Refocus Flip Angle control method and Echo Train Length for suppressing exposure by Radio Frequency
Akihiko Tabuchi
ID: 815
Presentation of Methods of Hospital Equipment Decontamination in United Electronic Documents: Support to the Control of Hospital Infection
Eliezer Knob
ID: 1183
CT guided interventional procedures. The effect of radiation safety culture
Virginia Tsapaki
ID: 1242
Patient dose optimization in computed radiography using the exposure index
Marcelo Baptista de Freitas
ID: 1715
Assessment of radiation-related cardiac mortality based on breast cancer laterality incidence analysis
George Felix Acquah
ID: 715
External dose audit for high energy radiotherpy photon beams of non-reference conditions using radiophotoluminescent glass dosimeter in Japan
Suoh Sakata
ID: 1384
Quality Index in Oral Radiology
Luis Alexandre Magalhaes
ID: 1490
Quality Indicators for Computed Tomography
Luis Alexandre Magalhaes
ID: 1868
Medical device regulations in Mongolia
Namdag Gerelt-Od
ID: 1736
Cardiovascular hemodynamic effects of somatosensory 20 Hz mechanical vibrations applied to the right heel during simulated monotonous driving
Takehiro Yamakoshi
ID: 1288
Risk-assessment model for medical devices maintenance based on OWA operator
Fereshteh-Azadi Parand
ID: 27
The first clinic of breast cancer, experience in evaluation of medical equipment: the case mexican institute of social security (IMSS)
Gustavo Adolfo Martinez Chavez
ID: 420
Wireless assistance system during episodes of freezing of gait by means superficial electrical stimulation
Catalina Punin
ID: 459
Economic Evaluation of a Robotic Radiosurgery System for Prostate Cancer Treatments in the Czech Republic
Gleb Donin
ID: 696
Cost utility of administration of 5-fluorouracil in patients with advanced gastric cancer
Vojtech Kamensky
ID: 907
Application of HTA in optometry
Miroslav Selčan
ID: 994
Research on Consciousness of the Colorectal Cancer Screening in Japan
Naoko Fujiwara
ID: 1009
The robustness of TOPSIS results using sensitivity analysis based on weight tuning
Jiri Millek
ID: 23
Entry into the european market of medical devices. Two visions: Spain and Cuba
Yariza Chaveco Salabarria
ID: 768
Energy management plan in health facilities in Kenya
Salome Mwaura
ID: 208
Research on Respiratory Signal Based on Angular Velocity
Guo Dan
ID: 235
RF ultrasound based longitudinal motion estimation of carotid artery wall: feasibility study
Monika Zambacevičienė
ID: 371
A novel design of multichannel laser photoplethysmography with lateral incident radiation in the wavelength regions with blood glucose absorption
Yasuhiro Yamakoshi
ID: 374
Analysis of biological response to pleasure emotion elicited by video
Masaji Yamashita
ID: 748
Sparse reconstruction method for decomposition of cardiac and respiratory components from bioimpedance measurements
Maksim Butsenko
ID: 1421
Photoplethysmographic measurements on clinical patients (>65 y) and healthy cohorts between ages of 18-75 y
Matti Huotari
ID: 313
To To Implement a Simple Device for Assessing Sleep Disorder
Pik Fei Yee
ID: 323
Using the mode decomposition methods to distinguish vibroarthrographic signals of Knee Joints
Jia-Jung Wang
ID: 599
Pain Correlation Comparison of Extracted Parameters based on Pain-induced Photoplethysmograpic Waveform Change Analysis and Surgical Pleth Index
Hangsik Shin
ID: 611
Steady and dynamic assessment of heart rate variability during head-up tilt based on short term measures
Yue Pan
ID: 613
Quantitative EEG in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease by AR-Spectral and Multi-scale Entropy Analysis
Xiaoke Chai
ID: 692
Multi-Gaussian decomposition of the microvascular pulse detects alterations in type 1 diabetes
Leonardo Bocchi
ID: 770
Control of urinary bladder volume in paraplegic and elderly people based on bioimpedance and neural networks
Michael Rodas
ID: 821
Multifractal analysis used to characterize the physical condition of subjects making exercise
Alejandro Muñoz-Diosdado
ID: 1219
Application of Empirical Mode Decomposition to Analyse Hemodynamic Response to Static Handgrip
Gerard Cybulski
ID: 1240
Combined phase and magnitude metric for validation of lower limb multibody dynamics muscle action with sEMG
Carlos Rodrigues
ID: 1378
Ensemble empirical mode decomposition based method for fetal phonocardiogram enhancement
Dragos Daniel Taralunga
ID: 1444
Optimum Features Computation Using Genetic Algorithm for Wet/Dry Cough Classification
Yusuf Amrulloh
ID: 58
Study on the dynamic vasodilatation of endothelia in peripheral capillaries during the local heating period
Jia-Jung Wang
ID: 344
A time-frequency approach for the assessment of dynamic muscle co-contractions
Annachiara Strazza
ID: 569
Investigation of the feasibility of postoperative pain assessment using frequency analysis of photoplethysmogram variability
Hangsik Shin
ID: 1124
The evaluation of the tremor: signal database of healthy control subjects
Jan Havlík
ID: 1224
Usability of Volume Pulse Wave Biosignal
David Korpas
ID: 1697
Simulation of required CPAP usage to normalize AHI in obstructive sleep apnea patients
Antti Kulkas
ID: 395
Analysis of electroencephalographic dynamic functional connectivity in Alzheimer’s disease
Pablo Núñez
ID: 515
Scalp level connectivity for representative channels in emotional status
Sio Hang Pun
ID: 1473
Analysis of cortical sensorimotor networks formed during different motor task categories in spinal cord injury
Nikos Terzopoulos
ID: 262
Automated neurons recognition and sorting for diamond based microelectrode arrays recording: feasibility study
Ondřej Klempíř
ID: 450
Classification of cardiovascular pathologies in artificial signals of a lumped parameter model using a naive Bayes algorithm
Stefan Krickl
ID: 490
Visual image search of spatial frequencies using convolutional neural network
Keisaburo Suto
ID: 512
Discrimination between day and night ECG recordings based on the morphology of P and T waves
George Manis
ID: 666
An alternative method for SAHS patients classification based on oximetry and respiratory effort signals
Eric Laciar Leber
ID: 671
Optimization of algorithms for real-time ECG beats classification
Rolando González-Tejeda
ID: 779
Artificial Neural Network applied like qualifier of symptoms in patients with Parkinson's disease by evaluating the movement of upper-limbs activities
Juan Pablo Bermeo
ID: 949
Analysis of kinematic parameters relationships in normal and dysgraphic children
Diamante Morello
ID: 950
Influence of dysgraphia on kinematic characteristics of handwriting in Italian primary school children
Giulia Silveri
ID: 1050
Pre-diagnosis of cardiac diseases by dynamic neural networks
Rogelio Higuera
ID: 1054
A Rapid Assessment Method on Fistula Stenosis Staging for Hemodialysis Patients
Yu-Yao Wang
ID: 1120
PCA-QDA models selection for detecting NS1 related diseases from SERS spectra of salivary mixtures
Khuan Y Lee
ID: 1126
Classification of myopotentials of hand’s motions to control applications
Lukas Peter
ID: 1423
Ultraviolet–Visible spectroscopy assessment of liver condition
Lukasz Surazynski
ID: 1487
Segmentation methods for biomedical multimodal long-time data acquired in real-live environment
Till Handel
ID: 120
Microstate analysis of aging-related brain connectivity alterations using EEG data
Ehtasham Javed
ID: 177
MEG Frequency tagging to track auditory neural processing during dichotic listening task
Keita Tanaka
ID: 217
Electrical Right and Left Cardiac Atrioventricular and Left Atrial Delay in Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Responder and Non-Responder with Sinus Rhythm
Matthias Heinke
ID: 234
Assessment of ECG signal quality after compression
Andrea Němcová
ID: 263
An algorithm to detect atrial fibrillation on lead II
Rene Ivan Gonzalez-Fernandez
ID: 280
MEG ASSR's to AM-modulated ambiguous musical segment reflecting the listener's induced state of illusory hearing
Iku Nemoto
ID: 308
Event-related synchronization/desynchronization in neural oscillatory changes caused by implicit biases of spatial frequency in electroencephalography
Kazuo Kato
ID: 321
A decision-making fusion method for heart rate estimation based on the multiple QRS detectors
Chengyu Liu
ID: 342
Are extensor digitorum brevis and gastrocnemius working together? Surface EMG analysis in healthy children
Annachiara Strazza
ID: 454
Proposed method of sub-windows in an autoregressive segmentation EEG signals
Jiri Millek
ID: 509
Temporal association between phase coupling of respiratory sinus arrhythmia and slow wave brain activity during sleep
Kyuichi Niizeki
ID: 524
Development of microminiaturized electrode intramuscular advanced multichannel EMG system
Venkateshwarla Rama Raju
ID: 534
Automatic detection of P wave in ECG during ventricular extrasystoles
Lucie Maršánová
ID: 582
Development of wearable hand motion estimation system using conductive fabric paste
Satoya Higashi
ID: 680
Variation of the EEG-energy in a second language class
Freddy Bueno-Palomeque
ID: 738
EEG coherence analysis in subjects after rehabilitation from stroke with motor imagery
Antonio Mauricio Miranda de Sá
ID: 758
Nonlinear dimensionality reduction and feature analysis for artifact component identification in hdEEG datasets
Jan Štrobl
ID: 782
Automatic detection of strict left bundle branch block
Radovan Smisek
ID: 843
Latent variate factorial PC and cluster analysis of multichannel multisited EMG Writer`s Cramp Signals (Based on means and variances)
Venkateshwarla Rama Raju
ID: 846
Muscle synergies for motor control evaluation
Natalia Lopez
ID: 885
A brain connectivity metric based on phase linearity measurement
Fabio Baselice
ID: 918
Assessment of human authentication model based on the activity of regulatory systems
Mikhail Matveev
ID: 1036
Round cosine transform based feature extraction of motor imagery EEG signals
Tiago Becker
ID: 1118
Assessment of micro t-wave alternans using t-wave morphology-based methods
Thaís Winkert
ID: 1159
Preprocessing of the BSPM Signals with Untraditionally Extreme Baseline Wandering
Michal Huptych
ID: 1193
A new approach of brain source position estimation based on the eigenvalues of the EEG sensors spatial covariance matrix
Jonas Kunzler
ID: 1204
Do physiological responses change with the difficulty level of a casual videogame?
Frederico Caetano Jandre de Assis Tavares
ID: 1232
Study of the reading activity through the processing of EEG signals, using an approach of the FDFA fluctuation function
Juan Cruz
ID: 1379
The automatic detection of epileptic seizures based on EEG signals processing: investigation of different features and classification algorithms
Dragos Daniel Taralunga
ID: 1455
Assessment of early muscle fatigue in type 2 diabetes with and without diabetic peripheral neuropathy using high density surface electromyography
Felipe Rettore Andreis
ID: 1470
Optimal window for the estimation of very low frequency content in heart rate variability analysis
Brayans Becerra-Luna
ID: 1675
Respiration monitoring by combining EMG and bioimpedance measurements
Roman Kusche
ID: 150
Stability after high tibial osteotomy: Effect of screw length
Dai-Soon Kwak
ID: 209
The piezoelectric effect in ultrasound for cancellous bone
Young June Yoon
ID: 225
Bone-anabolic action of low-intensity whole-body vibration and the involvement of bone vascularization in juvenile mice
Takeshi Matsumoto
ID: 555
Biomechanical evaluation of the impact of different weight loading conditions on the mechanical environment of the hip joint endoprosthesis
Vassiliki T. Potsika
ID: 686
Application of Smart sock system for testing of shoe cushioning properties
Alehander Oks
ID: 1063
Comparisons of migrations of ring flexor digitorum superficialis tendon between pre- and post-carpal tunnel release
Hsiao-Feng Chieh
ID: 1064
Investigation of the bowstring effect at the level of metacarpophalangeal joint with a biomechanical model
Chien-Ju Lin
ID: 1066
Investigation of age-related changes in force control and brain activities in finger pressing
Hsiao-Feng Chieh
ID: 1068
Changes of the subacromial space while performing seated push up
Chien-Ju Lin
ID: 1383
Photoelastic analysis of shoulder arthroplasty: current descriptive analysis of research in scientific journals
Diego Alfonso Almeida Galárraga
ID: 130
Effects of lipid core stiffness and cap thickness on atherosclerotic plaque wall stress
Kyehan Rhee
ID: 232
A Novel Structure Design with Strong Support of Biodegradable Zinc Alloy Stent
Aike Qiao
ID: 384
Recent progress on preferential covered stent development
Fangsen Cui
ID: 1513
Pressure pulse wave velocity and axial prestretch in arteries
Lukáš Horný
ID: 13
Experimental measurement and numerical simulation of temperature during drilling with two specific dental drills
Miloslav Vilimek
ID: 1076
Measurement of Mechanical Properties of Enamel Based on Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy
NIU Haijun
ID: 1132
Development of a force measurement device for the evaluation of biting force
Mert Şener
ID: 43
Study on walking training system for using high-performance shoes with human compatibility
Yasuhiro Hayakawa
ID: 147
A new pegboard developed for accurate time measurement of individual’s peg motion
Hiroshi Kinoshita
ID: 175
Dynamic Model of the cdmit I hand finger mechanism
Ruben Valenzuela
ID: 291
A wearable gait assessment system for evaluating post-stroke patients’ rehabilitation
Chi-Yu Wu
ID: 322
Two-dimensional phased array ultrasound stimulator for highly accurate targeting in neuromuscular rehabilitation
Sungjin Oh
ID: 390
Split-belt treadmill to study reactive responses to unexpected gait perturbation
Veronika Kotolova
ID: 462
Monitor aided radio control mobile robot (msrcmr)
Kamran Hameed
ID: 549
The options in robotic control of rehabilitating patient´s lower limbs
Karel Vosahlik
ID: 568
Ergonomic assessment of an active orthosis for the rehabilitation of flexion and extension of wrist
Adriano Andrade
ID: 581
Development of new style Braille learning materials for Braille beginner readers with vocal guidance function using optical indentation method
Kouki Doi
ID: 584
Development of learning materials of stiffness sensation for beginner acupuncturists
Kouki Doi
ID: 764
Development of a gait simulation system in hypogravity for studies about human physiology on earth and space
Ana Karla Leite
ID: 998
Determination of Changes in Ankle Foot employing EMG for Designing of Smart Ankle Foot Orthotic Device
Nitin Sahai
ID: 1021
The elbow and forearm portable rehabilitation device
Roman Iutsis
ID: 1070
Is bilateral control using a hydraulic robot useful for upper limb rehabilitation?: a preliminary study
Asuka Murakami
ID: 1079
Locomotion therapy for infants
Jörg Schröttner
ID: 1218
Upper limb motions analysis for development of an upper limb rehabilitation robotic system
Dorin Popescu
ID: 1282
Wheel chair control skill assessment for the persons with severe physical disabilities
Atsushi Takashima
ID: 1320
Using NIRS to measure hand finger position
Creyton Ricardo Batista Grein
ID: 1503
Adaptive Design and Biomechanical Analysis of a 6-DOF Wearable Robotic Arm for Functional Post-Stroke Rehabilitation
Jade Dungao
ID: 1504
New technologies for range improvement and numerically measurement of movement restricted patients
Nicolas Garcia Cavalcante
ID: 1699
Design and manufactur a haptic system to rehabilitate the muscles of the fingers
Mina Zareei
ID: 1742
A bicondylar knee for walking robots, exoskeletons and prosthetics
Felix Russell
ID: 1848
Analysis of postural reference points using Kinect sensor and Wii Balance Board
Natalia Lopez
ID: 1852
Instrumentalized orthosis for hand's therapy of people who suffered stroke
Percy Nohama
ID: 64
Muscle activity assessment during balance chair sitting
Miloslav Vilimek
ID: 97
Effects of anterior rocker sole shoe profiles on the plantar fascia stress distributions during stance phase of gait
Wengpin Chen
ID: 111
Development of a system to quantify the depth of tendon stimulus for the illusion of motion achieved by a vibrator
Hiroyuki Ohshima
ID: 203
Stiffness estimation using center-of-pressure fluctuations induced by electrical stimulation
Takanori Uchiyama
ID: 244
Inertial measurement system for upper limb joints tracking
Elisa Perez
ID: 255
Role of the visual feedback on balance responses to upright stance perturbations
Alessandro Mengarelli
ID: 351
Position estimation of an IMU placed on pelvis through meta-heuristically optimised WFLC
Stefano Cardarelli
ID: 370
Assessment of postural stability using the method of postural somatooscilography
Patrik Kutilek
ID: 402
Semiportable manually actuated system for measuring muscle spasticity
Petr Volf
ID: 404
Quantifying movement of the head and shoulders during quiet standing using MatLab software and promising parameters
Petr Volf
ID: 407
Margin of stability analysis during gait in unilateral lower limb amputees
Marcus Fraga Vieira
ID: 409
Mystery of the human Th10 vertebra
Jitka Řezníčková
ID: 435
Coherence analysis between kinematic and simulated muscular activity in upright stance: a modelling study
Marcus Fraga Vieira
ID: 543
Changes that kinesio taping causes on walking and running motion
Mai Shinohara
ID: 563
The effect of difference posture on postural electrical myogram during walking
Ayano Nakamura
ID: 602
Evaluating the performance of fall detection algorithms
Goran Seketa
ID: 1190
Could postural strategies be assessed with the Microsoft Kinect v2?
Frederico Jandre
ID: 1371
Knee support and brace system for evaluation of rehabilitated patient
Parkbhum Reanaree
ID: 1380
Gait ratios and variability indices to quantify the effect of using smartphones in dual-task walking
Carlotta Caramia
ID: 1416
Fundamental study of a simple walking support system using smart devices
Nobuyuki Toya
ID: 1644
Detection of contraction patterns of the forearm muscles to estimate grip strength through electromyography signals
Ângelo Luiz Brunetto Rodem
ID: 1682
A preliminary investigation of measuring the elbow joints angles by using the human channel gain
Gao Yueming
ID: 1695
An estimation method for lower-limb joint angles during the motion of standing up using an inertial measurement unit
Chikamune Wada
ID: 1833
Head tilt rate during equine therapy training
Guilherme Nogueira
ID: 737
Micro-destructive testing evaluation of mechanical properties in regenerative medicine
Lucio Nobile
ID: 1493
Optical measurements of integrity of silicone coating at self-expandable esophageal nitinol stents
Martin Kopecek
ID: 148
Caveolin-1 expression regulates amoeboid-like cell migration by controlling mitochondrial fission/fusion dynamics and cellular biomechanics
Ying Jiang
ID: 366
Mechano-biological coupling of cell-cell interactions in liver
Mian Long
ID: 906
How does cell deform through micro slit made by photolithography technique?
Shigehiro Hashimoto
ID: 1093
Functional classification of dendritic cells in mouse: based on single cell technology
Zong-Lai Jiang
ID: 1223
Exprimental analysis of cellular membrane mechanical properties
Bohumil Hornát
ID: 66
Tractography delineates microstructural changes in the trigeminal nerve after gamma knife radiosurgery
Rahyeong Juh
ID: 1247
Time series prediction of surgical progress using logistic regression modelling
Calum Robert MacLellan
ID: 383
Live image processing and visualization for point-of-care ultrasound by using a tablet PC
Shinya Onogi
ID: 1153
Design of augmented-reality surgical navigation system for better healthcare visualization
Hongen Liao
ID: 1352
An Automatic Preoperative Path-Planning Algorithm for Brainstem Tumor Surgery Using Combined MRI and DTI
Jia Liu
ID: 986
Multi-DoF surgical endoscopic robot system with soft end-effector and flexible manipulator
Hongen Liao
ID: 422
Analyzing rheoophthalmic signals in glaucoma by nonlinear dynamics methods
Petr Luzhnov
ID: 519
A New Approach for Indirect Validation of Fat Mass and Fluid Content using Segmental Multiple Frequency Bioimpedance Analyzer
Fatimah Ibrahim
ID: 1031
Finite element mapping for efficient image reconstruction in rotational electrical impedance tomography
Jari Hyttinen
ID: 1409
Microwave and impedance spectroscopy as a useful tool for testing dielectric properties of glucose solutions
Tadeusz Pałko
ID: 172
Presence of stochastic resonance in isolated mouse heart
Alberto Peña-Romo
ID: 306
A novel portable ultrasonic device for detecting the local pulse wave velocity of carotid artery
Chih-Chung Huang
ID: 357
Wearable pulse wave monitor resistant to motion artifacts
Sergei Akulov
ID: 367
Influence of artificial microgravity on human arterial vessels
Sergei Akulov
ID: 453
Design and implementation of digital telestethoscope
Kamran Hameed
ID: 502
Skin tissue circulation monitoring system using wearable multi-functional sensor array
Jian Gu
ID: 639
The effect of LED direction in measuring multi-wavelength PPG waveform on wrist
Sangjin Han
Hangsik Shin
ID: 733
Greater effectiveness of transthoracic delivery of multidirectional monophasic shocks for cardiac defibrillation
José Wilson Bassani
ID: 1111
Comparison of home blood pressure measurement devices on artificial signals
Jan Havlík
ID: 1125
The possible approach of the synchronous ECG and PPG measurement
Lukas Peter
ID: 1213
Multichannel 24-bit bioinstrumentation for bioelectrical signals detection using Arduino technology
MSR Miltao
ID: 1217
A novel method for an accurate noninvasive measurement of pulse wave velocity
Lukas Matera
ID: 1364
Basic study of quantitative evaluation method for pulse diagnosis based on medical engineering
Akihiro Yamada
ID: 1509
Effects of nitroglycerin to ballistocardiography measurement by EMFi
Jari Viik
ID: 1674
Aortic pulse wave velocity measurement via heart sounds and impedance plethysmography
Roman Kusche
ID: 991
Research of impedance characteristics with a negative pressure breathing using rheocardiographic and rheoencephalographic signals
Petr Luzhnov
ID: 774
Validation of a wireless and portable EEG acquisition system with dry electrodes
Eric Laciar Leber
ID: 1372
Independent lung ventilation – current state of the art
Anna Stecka
ID: 1413
Techniques to deliver inhalable drugs to mechanically-ventilated patients
Agata Dorosz
ID: 1432
A novel conception of coupling independent lung ventilation with inhalable drug delivery
Piotr Okrzeja
ID: 1808
GPU-based fast imaging technique during boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT): Monte Carlo simulation study for S-PET operation
Hye Jeong Yang
ID: 441
Determination of vascular contrast of hemoglobin within quantum dots using near infra read
Bahman Alipour
ID: 513
Noninvasive blood glucose monitoring system with skin-like biosensors via electrochemical twin channels
Yihao Chen
ID: 706
UWB platform for vital signs detection and monitoring
Ivana Čuljak
ID: 857
Fragile electrical potential along the roots of the elaecorpus ganitrus (“rudraksh tree”)
Venkateshwarla Rama Raju
ID: 1178
Semiconductor ethanol sensor inducted with visible light
Yuri Dekhtyar
ID: 1263
Can Textile electrode for ECG apply to EMG measurement?
Daisuke Goto
ID: 1291
The relationships between distance between the connectors of electrodes and the R-wave amplitude
Minori Nakatani
ID: 1605
Proposal of electrode for measuring glucose concentration in blood
Klara Fiedorova
ID: 1659
Immunoassay inside a capillary tube for point-of-care applications
Bongjin Jeong
ID: 1661
A new optical, adaptable, high-resolution 3-axis sensor for medical device navigation
Christian Baumgartner
ID: 1681
A contact-force regulated photoplethysmography (PPG) measurement platform
Il Doh
ID: 1758
Designing sensitive and robust redox probes for use in pH microsensors
Charnete Casimero
ID: 1762
Evolving approaches to pH sensing: disposable dual probe redox sensors
Catherine Hegarty
ID: 1803
Sub-picomolar detection of E. coli O157:H7 bacterial DNA using Au nanoparticle decorated ZnO nanoflakes reinforced eggshell membrane as a platform
Preetam Guha Ray
ID: 447
Study of the influence of the molecular weight of the polymer used as a coating on magnetite nanoparticles
Christian Chapa
ID: 714
Study of Polycaprolactone / Polypyrrole Electrospun Fibers for BSA Protein Adsorption
Tzong-Rong Ger
ID: 992
Simulation of a novel approach for quantitative floating magnetic nanoparticle reconstruction
Aaron Jaufenthaler
ID: 1181
Surface area of graphene governs its neurotoxic activity
Şeyma Taşdemir
ID: 1617
Nano-photo-thermo-radiotherapy of cancer cells using core-shell nanoparticles
Mohammad Haghparast
ID: 1618
Significant apoptosis induction in human glioma cells using gold-coated iron oxide nanoparticles: A benefit of nano-thermo-radiotherapy
Ali Shakeri-Zadeh
ID: 1619
Folate conjugated Au@Fe2O3 nanoparticle as a targeted radiosensitizer
Ali Shakeri-Zadeh
ID: 44
ASICSENSE: A Highly integrated thin and soft sensor system for ECG and bioimpedance measurement
Josias Wacker
ID: 330
Titanium surface microgrooves and controlled dual release of bone morphogenic protein-2 and insulin-like growth factor-1 enhance osteoblastic differentiation of cells
Sukwon Lee
ID: 403
Advances in cardiac implantable devices: pacemakers
Benedetta Sabiu
ID: 1391
Monolithic implantable pressure switch for sensor recalibration
Dixon Leung
ID: 1395
Effect of Parylene coating and human tissue on implantable titanium wire antenna
Perry Tan
ID: 88
Automated patterning and manipulation of microbeads using a dual-beam 3D optical tweezers system
Yoshio Tanaka
ID: 144
Microfabricated tools for quantitativebiology and precise medicine
Meltem Elitas
ID: 336
A single-cell microarray chip for separation, analysis and retrieval of different types of cancer cells
Shohei Yamamura
ID: 853
Rapid Determination of Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance Using a Hybrid Optofluidic-Electrokinetic Chip
I-Fang Cheng
ID: 1551
Modelling of NV diamond quantum chip with electrical readout of spin states
Josef Soucek
ID: 1706
A microfluidic-based lung cancer organoid culture platform
Da Jung Jung
ID: 1786
DNA melting with Surface Acoustic Waves reveals new mechanical effects towards room temperature DNA amplification for Lab-on-a-Chip diagnostics
Jonathan Orgill
ID: 303
A hypothesis: episodic memory is engraved in the associative cortex by the parahippocampal/ hippocampal neurons as a pointer-type mnemonic system
Yoshika Kurokawa
ID: 517
EEG spectral asymmetry is dependent on education level of men
Toomas Pold
ID: 651
Vessels as possible source of intra- and extracellular iron in globus pallidus
Jana Hlinková
ID: 1102
The role of theta phase synchronization in memory encoding
Ruimin Wang
ID: 689
Bacterial cellulose scaffold as a basal lamina for two dimensional blood brain barrier model
Ece Bayir
ID: 1435
Cardiovascular effects of blood brain barrier disruption induced by mannitol infusion vs. photodynamic treatment
Teemu Myllylä
ID: 1075
Single-channel movement prediction in stroke and cerebral palsy patients from single-trial EEG
Kim Dremstrup
ID: 253
Comparison of brain computer interface for selecting menus that utilize EEG and NIRS
Akihiko Hanafusa
ID: 616
Functional state assessment of an athlete by means of the brain-computer interface multimodal metrics
Vasilii Borisov
ID: 701
A Hybrid BCI-based Environmental Control System Using SSVEP and EMG Signals
Xiaoke Chai
ID: 1170
Comparison between Support Vector Machine Polynomial and RBF kernel performance in recognizing EEG signal of dyslexic children
Wahidah Mansor
ID: 1390
Ensemble learning in EEG-based brain computer interfaces with applications to attention-based spellers
Karim Said Barsim
ID: 222
Organization of the functional primary motor cortex revealed using sulcus-aligned mapping
Jusa Reijonen
ID: 245
Development and feasibility evaluation of transcranial direct current stimulation equipment (tDCs) for home based use
Paulo Roberto Sanches
ID: 289
Effects of transcranial random noise stimulation on normal subjects
Chou-Ching Lin
ID: 526
System for motor evoked potentials acquisition and analysis
Václav Čejka
ID: 641
Experimental setup for the systematic investigation of infrared neural stimulation
Paul Schlett
ID: 31
Probabilistic random forest clinico-statistical regression analysis of MER signals with STN-DBS and improvement of UPDRS
Dr Venkateshwarla Rama Raju
ID: 61
Principal Component Latent Variate factorial Analysis of MER Signals of STN-DBS in Parkinson`s Disease (Electrode Implantation)
Venkateshwara R Rama Raju
ID: 1427
Towards normalization of intraoperative stimulation test results in deep brain stimulation
Dorian Vogel
ID: 346
Partial spinal cord injury induced alteration of brain resting-state functional connectivity in Rhesus monkeys' sensorimotor cortex and default mode network
Jia-Sheng Rao
ID: 516
Performance of hindlimbs locomotion after monkey unilateral thoracic spinal cord lesion
Rui-Han Wei
ID: 769
Analysis of Motor-Related Cortical Activity with Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for Parkinson's Disease Patients
Jia-Jin Chen
ID: 800
Head and hand tremor measurement and analysis using accelerometers and optical motion capture systems
Radim Krupicka
ID: 913
Optimal time window for SCI examination and therapy
Can Zhao
ID: 1175
Excitability-tests using multi-channel contraction force recordings: Development of a novel setup to study distal motor excitability properties.
Leonard van Schelven
ID: 1252
Evaluation of Potency of BMSC to Create In Vitro Parkinson’s Disease Model
Büşra Dayıoğlu
ID: 1377
Evaluation of serum multivalent cationic dysfunction on the brain among patients with Alzheimer's disease
Khadijeh Haji naghitehrani
ID: 1748
The method of estimation of AHP duration applied to assessment of bilateral changes in motoneurons of stroke survivors
Hanna Goszczynska
ID: 67
Evaluation of liquid nitrogen-free electric programming freezer as cellular cryopreservation technology
Toshihiko Okazaki
ID: 328
Effect of fibronectin-immobilized microgrooved titanium on human gingival fibroblast behavior
Sukwon Lee
ID: 772
Recent research progress on scaffolds for bone repair and regeneration
Lucio Nobile
ID: 966
The biomaterial surface nanoscaled electrical potential promotes osteogenesis of the stromal cells
Yuri Dekhtyar
ID: 985
Study of Magnetic Properties and Cell Behaviors on Thermoresponsive Magnetic Electrospun Nanofibers
Tzong-Rong Ger
ID: 1182
Composite scaffold for bone tissue engineering
Radek Jirkovec
ID: 1425
Porous polycaprolactone fibers made by centrifugal spinning
Jana Hlavatá
ID: 1484
Producing tissue engineering scaffolds containing magnetic nanoparticles via magneto-spinning
Cem Türkay
ID: 1655
Preparation and characterization of the thermally modified polyacrylonitrile scaffold for bone tissue engineering
Lucie Kománková
ID: 1764
Synthesis of germanium doped biomaterials
Jana Kondratievová
ID: 74
Fabrication and characterization of 3D printed PLA/Ti composite scaffolds by FDM process for hard tissue engineering
Hyun-Do Jung
ID: 246
An Alternative Production Method for Collagen to Obtain Scaffolds
Deniz Derman
ID: 683
Biomaterials from freshwater snail shells waste: production and characterization
Eileen Euphemia Chinyere Agoha
ID: 718
Crude oil in drinking water: chitosan intervention
Eileen Euphemia Chinyere Agoha
ID: 807
µCT based characterization of biomaterial scaffold microstructure under compression
Markus Hannula
ID: 845
Fabrication of a multi-layered human breast cancer tissue model for clinical evaluation of photothermal therapy
Ki-Hwan Nam
ID: 1092
Computational Modeling and Analysis of Knee Cartilage Tissue for Development of its Biodegradable Scaffold
Nitin Sahai
ID: 1269
Development of fibers by electrospinning for application in scaffolds from PLGA and IR blends with different amounts of hydroxyapatite
Marcelo Schwarcke
ID: 1284
Design and modification of poly (L-lactic) acid microcarriers and their biocompatibility for MC3T3-E1 cells culture
Kedong Song
ID: 1286
Influence of copolymer grafting density on cell adhesion performance onto surface of a novel thermosensitive chitosan membrane
Kedong Song
ID: 1394
Injectable antibiotics-loaded oxidized hyaluronic acid/adipic acid dihydrazide/tricalcium phosphate hydrogel as a bone substitute
Hsiao Jui Ting
ID: 1656
Enhanced osteoblastic differentiation and osteogenic transcription factor expression on fibronectin- or bone sialoprotein Ⅱ-immobilized microgrooved titanium substrata
Sukwon Lee
ID: 36
In vitro and in vivo hemolysis tests of a maglev implantable ventricular assist device
Changyan Lin
ID: 432
Near-infrared fluorescent imaging as a method of classification for an aneurysm tissue
Daniil Parshin
ID: 708
Improving cell infiltration depth in electrospun scaffolds intended for cardiovascular tissue engineering
Birgit Glasmacher
ID: 753
Characterization of fibroblast and osteoblast growth on gold electrodes in the 20 Hz -1 MHz frequency range
Yekta Ülgen
ID: 1026
Inhibition of heart valves bioprostheses calcification with chitosan and bisphosphosnates in advanced biocompatible solvent carbonic acid under high pressure
Ilya V. Novikov
ID: 1746
A porous sodium polyacrylate-grafted chitosan xerogel for severe hemorrhage control synthesized from one-pot reaction
Zhiyong Qian
ID: 1747
A porous sodium polyacrylate-grafted chitosan xerogel for severe hemorrhage control synthesized from one-pot reaction.
Zhiyong Qian
ID: 96
Translating a conformational change of biomolecule into macroscopic swelling/shrinking in dynamic hydrogels
Se Won Bae
ID: 472
Redox-responsive nanophotosensitizer composed of water-soluble chitosan and chlorin e6 for photodynamic therapy of gastrointestinal cells
Young-IL Jeong
ID: 523
Design of Dual-drug Chitosan-based Nanotherapeutic system to Synergize Anti-lung cancer Treatment
Hui-Ching Chuang
ID: 1666
Fabrication and characterization of chitosan microspheres/ CEL2 bioactive glass scaffolds with acetaminophen releasing function
Esmeralda Villicaña
ID: 1849
Synergistic effect of photodynamic treatment and cold plasma against gastrointestinal cancer
Young-IL Jeong
ID: 740
Modern semiautomatic setup for testing cell migration with impact to therapy of myocardial infarction
Larisa Baiazitova
ID: 1180
Investigation of in vitro neural differentiation of olfactory mucosal mesenchymal stem cells in 2D and 3D
Yonca Erdal
ID: 1285
Anti-tumor potential of astragalus polysaccharides on breast cancer cell line mediated by macrophage activation
Yi Nie
ID: 742
A near real-time closed-loop system of an in vitro neuronal network and a digital signal processor via a microelectrode array
Jarno M. A. Tanskanen
ID: 295
Evaluation example of touch screen operability of children for improvement of usability in digital textbooks for learners
Takahiro Nishimura
ID: 300
Effect of dot spacing on TRUCT Braille readability in Braille reading beginners
Takahiro Nishimura
ID: 377
Measuring the response of patients with type I diabetes to stress load
Patrik Kutilek
ID: 397
A wearable device for monitoring urine amount in bladder by using near-infrared spectrometer and ultrasound technology
Jhih Cheng Wang
ID: 604
G.O.A.L. (Games for Older Active Life): a Web Application for cognitive impairment tele-rehabilitation
Leonardo Bocchi
ID: 866
Wearable sensors and domotic environment for elderly people
Sergio Damian Ponce
ID: 1088
Development of Unobtrusive Heart Rate Monitoring System on the Chair for Daily Life
Yuka Maeda
ID: 1506
Wearable wellness motivator for supporting permanent lifestyle change
Antti Vehkaoja
ID: 1149
Evaluation by numerical modelling the electrodynamic effects caused by radiofrequency identification (RFID) system readers to the user of hearing implant
Patryk Zradziński
ID: 437
Automated sunglasses lens solar exposure station
Liliane Ventura
ID: 439
Prototype device for traffic light tests in sunglasses
Liliane Ventura
ID: 640
Calculation of solar ultraviolet radiant exposure through sunglasses and compliance with safe limit recommendations
Mauro Masili
ID: 744
Set up for irradiation and performing spectroscopy for human lenses
Mauro Masili
ID: 376
ApOtEl: development of a software for electroporation based therapy planning
Luísa Endres Ribeiro da Silva
ID: 487
Apoptosis of vascular smooth muscle cells induced by photodynamic therapy with indocyanine green
Wen-tyng Li
ID: 53
Facilitating long-lasting access to medical devices in Sierra Leone through transnational funders: an exploratory case study
Dinsie Williams
ID: 1174
Health technology management using GETS: maintenance performance in a public healthcare institution
Jose Wilson Magalhães Bassani
ID: 1254
Mathematical modeling used for biomedical technology management
Marcelo Lencina
ID: 1714
Looking for a healthcare technology management model in the Peruvian health system
Luis Vilcahuaman
ID: 171
Application of engineering concepts in sterile processing department
Alexandre Hermini
ID: 261
Countrywide diagnostic services through telemedicine
ID: 811
Improved access to diagnostic services for remote populations through telemedicine
ID: 1222
Augmented Reality Technology as a tool for better usability of medical equipments
Renato Garcia
ID: 583
Development of a novel self-calibration thermometer using low melting-point metal
Shinobu Tanaka
ID: 1243
Innovation in the ventilation system for noise reduction in neonatal incubators
Juan Cruz
ID: 506
Implement and development a disaster recovery planning in hospital from clinical engineer view
Charilaos Apostolidis
ID: 1851
Development of strategic plans in an oncological unit in case of disasters for clinical engineers
Guadalupe de Jésus Gutiérrez Sánchez
ID: 574
Evaluation of benefit of low dose CT in the diagnosis of Charcot arthropathy
Petra Hospodková
ID: 979
Use of modelling simulation to monitor the performance of a pediatric emergency department
Giuliana Faiella
ID: 1448
Convex magnet generating a uniform magnetic force for magnetic immunostaining
Miki Kaneko
ID: 972
The application of the total cost of ownership approach to medical equipment - case study in the Czech Republic
Petra Hospodková
ID: 1463
The profile of clinical engineering in espírito santo, brazil
Leticia Silva
ID: 752
Support in the Medical Equipment Incorporation Decision: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Adjunct for Diabetic Foot Ulcers Therapy
Renato Garcia
ID: 1237
Model HTM application in failure analysis for Air Compressors in the Dental Service of Primary Health Care
Renato Garcia
ID: 84
Prototype design of module beta sealed source applicator for superficial treatments
Chang Heon Choi
ID: 537
Challenging dosimetry of photon-brachytherapy in terms of absorbed dose to water
Golam Abu Zakaria
ID: 560
Calibration seed sampling for iodine-125 prostate brachytherapy
Scott Crowe
ID: 957
Clinical evaluation of an MRI-to-Ultrasound deformable image registration (DIR) algorithm for prostate High-Dose-Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy
Amani Shaaer
ID: 146
Volume-based algorithm for optimal lung dose preceding automated planning
KH Lin
ID: 504
A particle-based Monte Carlo algorithm for VMAT optimization
Shiqin Su
ID: 1745
Dose-Volume prescribing and reporting
Raju Srivastava
ID: 231
Influence of treatment couch in the secondary MU calculation for VMAT prostate treatments
Eva María Ambroa
ID: 267
Clinical use of transmission detectors for in-vivo dosimetry on radiation oncology
Luis Alberto Vazquez Quino
ID: 338
Dosimetric verification of volumetric modulated arc therapy for total marrow irradiation in Eclipse treatment planning: An anthropomorphic phantom study
Sawinee Sriklay
ID: 1446
Error prediction of VMAT treatment plannling using machine learning
Byung Jun Min
ID: 542
Incorporating the local biological effect of dose per fraction in IMRT inverse optimization
Brígida Ferreira
ID: 1259
Stereotactic radiotherapy choroidal melanoma: analysis of eye movement during treatment, eye simulator design and automated monitoring system development
Felipe Souza
ID: 359
Statistical Process Control Analysis for Delivery Quality Assurance of Tomotherapy with ArcCheck
Samju Cho
ID: 1042
Comparative study between IMRT quality control methods
Mirko Alva-Sánchez
ID: 1069
Development of hybrid MR/CT compatible phantom: Feasibility study for MR-only based radiotherapy
Min-Joo Kim
ID: 39
Compensation of respiration baseline shift by an automatic compensating system
Ho-Chiao Chuang
ID: 78
Performance evaluation of a customized vacuum cushion for patient immobilization in radiotherapy treatment of prostate cancers
Jianjian Qiu
ID: 87
Dosimetric analysis on the effect of target motion in the delivery of conventional IMRT, RapidArc and Tomotherapy
Ju-Young Song
ID: 697
Respiratory Motion Monitoring by Acoustic Transmission
Tania Karan
ID: 1157
Tumor motion analysis in lung SBRT treatments with exaCradle immobilization device
Francisco Clemente-Gutierrez
ID: 1755
Efficacy of self-control respiration monitoring system to reduce respiratory motion during hypofractionated intensity-modulated stereotactic radiotherapy for prostate cancer
Yoshitaka Minami
ID: 1795
Assessment of breath hold position accuracy and reproducibility in voluntary deep inspiration breath hold using visual feedback for left-breast radiotherapy
Ryohei Yamauchi
ID: 273
Variation of small field dosimetry of Novalis Tx beam data: multi-institutional study
Yuichi Akino
ID: 352
Stereotactic radiosurgery for multiple brain metastases: A dose-volume study
Tanya Kairn
ID: 378
A study of single-isocenter for three intracranial lesions with VMAT-stereotactic radiosurgery: Treatment planning techniques and plan quality determination
Wisawa Phongprapun
ID: 778
Evaluation of a custom collimator designed for rodent irradiation with a Linac TrueBeam STx
Daniel Alberto García Calderón
ID: 1318
Comprehensive Dosimetric Feasibility of Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI) using CyberKnife
Hyun Do Huh
ID: 1485
The output factor measurements of CyberKnife system using various detectors
Canan Koksal
ID: 85
Dosimetric comparison of tangent-based volumetric modulated arc therapy and tangent-based intensity modulated radiation therapy for deep inspiration breath-hold left-sided breast
Pei-Cheih Yu
ID: 115
Dose verification using in-room 4D-CT images for respiratory moving target in carbon-ion pencil beam scanning method
Yohsuke Kusano
ID: 216
Dosimetric and radiobiological impact with different dose calculation algorithm and grid size on plan for prostate VMAT
Jin-Beom Chung
ID: 272
Dosimetric comparison of intensity modulated radiation therapy with irregular surface compensator in whole breast radiotherapy
Hideki Fujita
ID: 299
Tangent-based volumetric modulated arc therapy (TVMAT) for Deep inspiration breast-hold left-sided breast
Pei-Chieh Yu
ID: 365
Application of data mining to clinical protocol design: Are breath-hold techniques beneficial for prone breast radiotherapy patients?
Tanya Kairn
ID: 372
Automated VMAT treatment planning for complex cancer cases: a feasibility study
Savino Cilla
ID: 561
A treatment planning comparison of scanning beam and passively scattered beam in carbon-ion radiotherapy for head and neck cancer
Kei Okamoto
ID: 596
Improved plan with volume-based algorithm for lung dose optimization in novel dynamic arc radiotherapy
Kuan-Heng Lin
ID: 1048
Dosimetric comparison of air-filled and water-filled rectal balloon in line scanned proton radiotherapy
Dae-Hyun Kim
ID: 1116
Dosimetric impact of the uncertainties in the determination of the Output Factors for small fields on VMAT plans
Marta Casati
ID: 1294
Status of radiotherapy treatment in Lebanon
Ibrahim Duhaini
ID: 1298
How to design a setup error insensitive, unformed dose junction for large volume radiation treatment plan
Fred Cao
ID: 1651
Simplifying palliative VMAT cases using a final gantry beam spacing of 4°
Fabiola Vallejo Castañeda
ID: 1663
Evaluation Of The Effectiveness Of Lead Used In Irregular Surface Compensators In Achieving Dose Optimization Of 3D Conformal Breast Radiotherapy
Naveen Ratan
ID: 1743
Influence of different breathing maneuvers on deep inspiration breath hold for left-sided breast radiation therapy
Shota Maehira
ID: 79
Helical tomotherapy in esophagus cancer: A comparision plan of imrt ,3DCRT to see conformal target coverage & homogeneous dose distribution
Asawari pawaskar
ID: 266
Measuring midline dose without build-up cap for patients with brain tumor undergoing 15MV external radiotherapy by using EBT3 Gafchromic film
Bijan Hashemi
ID: 577
Evaluation of deformable image registration between high dose rate brachytherapy and Intensity modulated radiation therapy for prostate cancer
Noriomi Yokoyama
ID: 625
The effect of energy variations for 6 and 15 MV photon beams on tissue inhomogeneity correction factors
Md Akhtaruzzaman
ID: 1097
Design and dosimetry consideration for the fabrication of manual multileaf collimator for a cirus cobalt 60 teletherapy machine
Savanna Nyarko
ID: 1260
Evaluation of a systemic change of Superficial X-ray tube characteristics
Mohammad Mohammadi
ID: 1466
Investigating the accuracy of Monte Carlo based treatment planning of head and neck patients
Grisel Mora
ID: 1478
A comparison of different dosimetry systems for surface and buildup region dose measurements
ID: 1611
Absorbed dose calculation and risk estimation of radiation-induced thyroid cancer following whole brain radiotherapy
Zahra Alirezaei
ID: 1669
Quality assurance of intensity modulated radiotherapy treatment planning: A comparison study
Khalid Iqbal
ID: 135
2D electron beam control of linear accelerator using electromagnet
Atsushi Myojoyama
ID: 154
The Influence of gimbal motion on the dosimetric parameters in VERO tracking system
Sung Joon Kim
ID: 276
Sensitivity of electronic portal imaging device (EPID) based transit dosimetry to detect inter-fraction patient variations
Siva Sarasanandarajah
ID: 296
Monte Carlo simulation on water based microfluidic calorimeter
Hyun-Tai Chung
ID: 350
Characterization and calibration of Gafchromic EBT-XD film, with comparison to EBT3 film for 6MV photon beams
Roger Soh
ID: 864
Comparison of setup error and exposure in 3D couch with obi and 6D couch with exactrac for radiation therapy
Kyo Chul Shin
ID: 1122
Absolute dosimetry with EBT3 films
Francisco San Miguel
ID: 1257
Short and Automated Linear accelerator Quality Assurance tests using Electronic Portal Imaging Device
Mohammad Mohammadi
ID: 1491
Introduction of independent calculation of dose at a point in our Regional Hospital Liberec
Eva Plačková
ID: 1668
Presage® as a solid 3-D anthropomorphic radiation dosimeter
Khalid Iqbal
ID: 1721
The iterative angular matching algorithm for image guided radiation therapy
Mikhail Egoshin
ID: 1753
Position sensing detector development for applications in radiation therapy
Joonas Tikkanen
ID: 1818
Verification of entrance dose measurements with TLDs in conventional radiotherapy procedures delivered with Co‑60 teletherapy machine
Omuvwie Bernard Evwierhurhoma
ID: 57
A study on cable leakage of ionization chamber in megavoltage photon beam
Ryohei Yamauchi
ID: 320
Novel Solid Dosimeters for Stereotactic Radiosurgery Techniques
YuRa Cho
ID: 325
Improvement of the sensitivity of the radiochromic gel dosimeter based on polyvinyl alcohol-iodide complex
Shin-ichiro Hayashi
ID: 356
The peripheral dose outside the applicator in electron beams of Elekta linear accelerator
Fatemeh Amiri
ID: 564
Development of optical computed tomography for evaluation of absorbed dose of the dyed gel dosimeter
Takuya Wada
ID: 644
Determination of the equivalent square field size for small beams made with IRIS collimator
Yury Kirpichev
ID: 659
Comparing the dose measurements for Acuros dose-to-water and dose-to-medium calculation algorithm using CIRS IMRT Thorax phantom
Tamas Pocza
ID: 716
Verification of dose deposited of IMRT fields with OSLD detectors
Olga Olinca Galvan De la Cruz
ID: 735
An alternative method of determining the primary dose component of a Varian Clinac 2300 6 MV photon beam
Chris Trauernicht
ID: 806
Dose distribution during whole brain radiation therapy treatment with IMRT-RapidArc technique
Luis Alfonso Olivares Jimenez
ID: 810
Preliminary study about dose difference measured on skin and radiation detector
Renata Aline Del Nero
ID: 927
Research, analyze the dose results calculated with AAA algorithm in eclipse software of new treatment planning system
Soai Dang Quoc
ID: 928
Compare the difference between doses calculated with Analytical AAA, doses calculated with PBC algorithm in Eclipse software, and measurement doses
Soai Dang Quoc
ID: 960
Medical Physics
Avevor Justice
ID: 1037
Linear energy transfer of secondary electrons generated by 6 MV X-ray beam and its impact in small field size
Nahum Xicohténcatl Hernández
ID: 1059
Verification of clinical dosimetric parameters of total skin electron therapy using thermoluminescence dosimeter in indigenous wax phantom
Arun Chougule
ID: 1077
Accurately evaluating settling responses of ionization chambers used in radiation therapy depend on the accelerating tube
Tetsunori Shimono
ID: 1123
Development of freely deformable neutron shielding for the reduction of normal tissue dose in boron neutron capture therapy
Hiroki Tanaka
ID: 1307
Dosimetric validation of volumetric modulated arc therapy in three 6MV beam-matched linear accelerators
Ashokkumar Sangaiah
ID: 1499
Study of output factor and dose profile for different detectors in small fields dosimetry using the TRS-483 formalism
Daniela Groppo
ID: 1713
Head and Neck Immobilization Masks: Increase in Dose Surface Evaluated by EBT3, TLD-100 and PBC Method
Arnie Verde Nolasco
ID: 1723
Dose shaping in 3DCRT for cervical and uterine cancers with inguinal lymphatic node involvement: technical aspects
Philip Kyeremeh Jnr Oppong
ID: 1724
Left-sided breast cancer radiotherapy with 3DCRT forward planning: does 3D FiF minimize cardiac dose any further
Philip Kyeremeh Jnr Oppong
ID: 1791
Verification of field output correction factor for plastic scintillation detector
Tomoki Kitagawa
ID: 1854
Phantom size dependence of a radiophotoluminescent glass dosimeter for measurement of HDR 192Ir brachytherapy source
Shimpei Hashimoto
ID: 59
Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and DRL’s are from the 20th century
Mike Holubinka
ID: 131
Evaluation of effective energy distribution of 320-multidetector CT using GAFCHROMIC EBT3
Tatsuhiro Gotanda
ID: 213
Efficiently X-ray CT dosimetry procedure using radiochromic film and film-folding type phantom
Nobuyoshi Tanki
ID: 637
Survey and comparison of thyroid and eye safety effective radiation dose in Cranial multi slice CT scans in selective Hospitals.
Vahid Changizi
ID: 794
Effective dose per patient age in Computed Tomography
Daniel Martínez Rodríguez
ID: 798
Patient doses in an interventional procedure room
Daniel Martínez Rodríguez
ID: 1265
Assessment of patients’ entrance skin and effective dose in a mathematical human phantom for the most common interventional radiological examinations
Bijan Hashemi
ID: 1272
Influence of radiation field size and angle on organs’ doses in unconventional angiography: Monte Carlo study on a voxelized phantom
Bijan Hashemi
ID: 1680
Development and progress of the web-based CT exposure dose calculator WAZA-ARIv2
Yusuke Koba
ID: 19
Comparison of UV-A sensitivity exposed from front side and back side in Gafchromic XR-RV3: preliminary study
Toshizo Katsuda
ID: 133
Fabrication of the variable density phantom varying the infill values of the 3D Printer for quality assurance in radiotherapy
Se An oh
ID: 467
Experimental and Monte Carlo dosimetry of I-125 seed in heterogeneous phantom
Paula Antunes
ID: 493
Development of Water Equivalent Multi-Layer Ionization Chamber with Liquid Crystal Polymer
Shigekazu Fukuda
ID: 505
Assessment of the usefulness of the treatment plan verification on multileaf collimator logfile analysis system
Chul Kee Min
ID: 551
Development of bone equivalent polymer gel dosimeter: R2-dose response curve
Shota Ishihara
ID: 704
Radionuclide internal dosimetry using GATE and PENELOPE for experimental validation in geometrical phantoms
Ana Maria Marques da Silva
ID: 720
Surface dose measurements using Gafchromic EBT-XD film
Gordon Chan
ID: 802
ArcCHECK data display artefacts
Paulo Siqueira
ID: 837
Small phantom evaluation to compare the radiation dose for medical linacs
Jhin Kee Kim
ID: 958
Dose measurements in mammography using PVAL hydrogel phantoms and TLDs
Rosana Pirchio
ID: 1195
Study of the Dosimetry Response of the MAGIC-f Gel to Low Voltage X-Rays
Marcelo Schwarcke
ID: 1207
Characterization of a 2D diode array used for verification of radiosurgery treatments
Roberto Carlos Ronquillo-Gómez
ID: 1385
Development of 3D printed phantom for dose verification in radiotherapy for the patient with metal artefacts inside
Diana Adliene
ID: 1709
Breast Dosimetry and treatment : A Phantom study between Tangential Wedges and Multiple Open field-in-field 3D Conformal Forward Planning
George Felix Acquah
ID: 1562
An estimation of radiation output based on mathematical model
Simo Tchatchouang Clemence Raissa
ID: 1098
Shielding analysis of linear accelerator treatment bunkers at Mpilo Central Hospital Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Donald Zenzo Ndlovu
ID: 1199
Advantages in the application of conductive shielding for AC magnetic field in MRI exam rooms
Rafael Navet de Souza
ID: 1790
Hybrid nanofibrous materials with ionizing radiation attenuation properties
Stanislav Nevyhoštěný
ID: 1109
Monte Carlo evaluation at a sub-cellular scale of targeted α-particle therapy
Francisco Liberal
ID: 1315
Synthesis of the Synchrotron Radiation Induced Gold Nanoparticles(GNPs) as a radiosensitizer in radiotherapy
Se An Oh
ID: 63
Comparing the response-correction factors of different ion chambers employed in high dose per pulse intraoperative electron beam
Hamid Reza Baghani
ID: 211
Evaluation of Calibration curve for the EBT3 film in the 60-Co gamma rays
Su Chul Han
ID: 521
Temporal characterization of the flat-bed scanner influencing dosimetry using radiochromic film
Rumi Gotanda
ID: 729
Verification of linearity and dose rate dependence in micro MOSFET on a linear accelerator at 6 MV
Clayton Souza
ID: 741
Verification of energy dependence in MOSFET detector
Clayton Souza
ID: 1033
Long-term reliability of optically stimulated luminescence dosimeters
Scott Crowe
ID: 1071
Feasibility study of alanine dosimeter for carbon-beam dosimetry
Hidetoshi Yamaguchi
ID: 1073
The effectiveness of morning QA measurements in detecting Linac target failure
Mun Woan Teh
ID: 1338
X- Ray Calibration for Measuring Times and Central Ray
Treesukon Treebupachatsakul
ID: 1406
The metrological electron accelerator facility (MELAF) for research in dosimetry for radiotherapy
Andreas Schüller
ID: 1607
Dosimetry of blood irradiator using the Frike dosimeter
Camila Salata
ID: 1638
Calibration of well-type chambers for 192Ir HDR sources in Brazil
Carlos Frederico Estrada Alves
ID: 1676
Effective Point of Measurement (EPOM) of some ionization chamber for high energy photon beam from LINAC
Md Shakilur Rahman
ID: 1785
Overview of Radiation Metrology Laboratory at Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland
Panu Pousi
ID: 499
Verification of the Structural Shielding for Tomotherapy in Korea
Kwang Hwan Cho
ID: 535
Optically stimulated luminescence dosimeters as an alternative to radiographic film for performing “head-wrap” linac leakage measurements
Tanya Kairn
ID: 824
Study of the X-Ray attenuation as a function of the density and thickness of the absorbent: cortical bone and BaSO4
Andrea Vargas
ID: 1191
Measurement of indoor radon concentration in three local government areas in ibadan
Michael Akpochafor
ID: 1443
Radiation monitoring at K-Health Radiopharmacy Medical Cyclotron Center in National Kidney Transplant Institute
Angelica Ruschelle Tan
ID: 424
Dose optimization and risk reduction: A tissue-equivalent test environment for malfunction detection of active medical implants caused by ionizing radiation
Manuel Stich
ID: 698
Development of a patient dosimetry record system in an oncological hospital in Mexico
Reyna Mariana González Oliva
ID: 1657
Assessment of patient effective dose in certain diagnostic nuclear medicine procedures
Hassan Salah
ID: 1774
Precise measurement of the stopping power of water for carbon ions below 6 MeV
Thomas Braunroth
ID: 751
Scattered doses around a full-body linear slot scanning X-ray unit
Chris Trauernicht
ID: 854
Monitoring internal contamination from OEW of an 18F-FDG production plant: WBC or brain counting setup?
Bruno Melo Mendes
ID: 1489
Relationship between eye lens doses and occupational doses for different centres of interventional cardiology
Lucie Sukupova
ID: 1787
Nursing staff radiation exposure in purpose built radio-iodine therapy treatment rooms
Mohamed Badawy
ID: 474
Development of laser safety glasses for laser alignment using a 3D printer
Soah Park
ID: 533
Hyaluronic acid nanoparticles in protection against ionizing radiation
Anna Lierova
ID: 587
Usage of electrochemical methods in biodosimetry
Marcela Jeličová
ID: 597
Incidence of burnout among medical dosimetrists in Portugal
Dina Gonçalves
ID: 1083
Conceptual design of reference radiation field simulating secondary neutrons during carbon-ion radiotherapy
Shunsuke Yonai
ID: 594
Is the outcome of deformable registration dependent on the extent of rigid registration matching in head and neck auto-segmentation?
Subramani Vellaiyan
ID: 910
A Pre-Clinical Image Guidance Technique for Synchrotron Radiotherapy
Micah Barnes
ID: 1049
Four-dimensional digital tomosynthesis acquisition based on respiratory guidance
Dong-Su Kim
ID: 643
Evaluation of the dosimetric benefit of using Cyberknife for stereotactic radiotherapy (SBRT) of prostate treatment
Lu Wang
ID: 1604
Paclitaxel loaded Nano-micelles for Enhanced penetration and Suppression of Peritoneal Carcinomatosis
In-Kyu Park
ID: 73
Gold nanoparticles as a cancer theranostic agent
Atefe Rostami
ID: 168
Synthesis and evaluation of C595 mAb-conjugated SPIONs nanoprob for specific detection of prostate cancer
Mohammad Abdolahi
ID: 288
Investigation of ROS enhancement in water due to gold nano-sheets for proton irradiation
Dylan Peukert
ID: 1000
Radiotherapy synergistic therapy of treating deep-seated use 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose Coated graphene quantum dot
Lu-Jun Zheng
ID: 1250
Radiosensitization of breast cancer cells using AS1411 aptamer-conjugated gold nanoparticles
Bijan Hashemi
ID: 647
Intelligent platform for stereotactic body radiation therapy in head and neck cancers: Small animal model
Chen-Xiong Hsu
ID: 1057
Triple on-board imaging in a small-animal radiation therapy platform
Hui Wang
ID: 1814
Intelligent platform for stereotactic body radiation therapy in head and neck cancers: Small animal model
Chih-Chuan Hsu
ID: 1826
Simulation of novel stereotactic body radiation therapy for canine nasal tumors
Fu-Ken Teng
ID: 334
Combined therapeutic ultrasound and metformin for the treatment of cancer tumors
Win-Li Lin
ID: 347
Equivalent radiation dose escalation for lung cancer cell line with 13.56 MHz radiofrequency hyperthermia
Suzy Kim
ID: 1408
Development of a spherical ultrasound transducer for transcranial low-dose ultrasound hyperthermia used in brain tumor nanodrug delivery
Win Li Lin
ID: 1610
Radiothermotherapy for glioblastoma multiforme: A preliminary study
Seied Rabi Mahdavi
ID: 114
Estimation of linear energy transfer distribution for broad-beam carbon-ion radiotherapy at the National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Japan
Nobuyuki Kanematsu
ID: 117
Bragg-peak degradation of a carbon-ion beam penetrating a patient immobilization device with microscopic fine structures
Taku Inaniwa
ID: 460
Plastic-scintillator based PET detector for proton beam therapy range monitoring: a feasibility study
Antoni Rucinski
ID: 1264
Monte-Carlo model development for evaluation of efficacy of proton boron fusion therapy for gliobastomas
Leyla Moghaddasi
ID: 317
Development of a robotic motion platform for quality assurance of 4D radiotherapy
Koilpillai Joseph Maria Das
ID: 477
Development and evaluation for correction of deformed image according to change of reflector angle of video-based electronic portal imaging device
JongHyun Back
ID: 629
Rapid optimization of lung dose using novel volume-based algorithm in dynamic arc-based radiotherapy for esophageal cancer
Chen-Xiong Hsu
ID: 656
Intraoperative rapid quantifications of iron accumulating in lymph nodes in swine model for breast cancer patients
Akihiro Kuwahata
ID: 759
Intraoperative molecular imaging investigation using a CZT detector
Julius Neba
ID: 836
Quantitative analysis of prompt gamma ray imaging during proton boron fusion therapy according to boron concentration
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Temperature-induced modulation of voltage-gated ion channels in human lung cancer cell line A549 using automated patch clamp technology
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Effect of the slow stroke back massage (SSBM) on anxiety among older woman with breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy
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Application assessment of novel hybrid pixel detector PHpix in relative dosimetry
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Combined effects of 528 Hz sound and X-ray in peripheral blood lymphocytes
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A Volumentric delta TCP tool to quantify treatment outcome effectiveness based on biological parameters and different dose distributions
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Differences of Radiosensitivity Based on Temperament (Mizaj)
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Radiosensibilization of cancer cells: Importance of autophagy modulation
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Differences of radiosensitivity based on temperament (Mizaj)
Kourosh ebrahimnezhad gorji
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IMRT vs SBRT in the treatment of locally advanced adenocarcinoma of the pancreas - a literature review
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Model evaluation of normal tissue response by mini-beam radiotherapy with ion beams
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Hesperidin modulate radiation- induced injury in the liver of rats
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Continuous low-dose-rate irradiation promotes growth of silkworms
Yuta Shibamoto
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Preparation of dental implants using in Calcium fluoride as an antimicrobial agent by radiation
Yu Hsun Chen
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Calculation of dose- response curves for in vitro biodosimetry using a linear accelerator either in FF or FFF modes
Zsuzsa Kocsis
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Acute esophagitis and swallowing dysfunction in head-and-neck radiotherapy: Evaluation of dose-response and NTCP model parameters
M. Amin Mosleh-Shirazi
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Enhancement of radiation effect by cetuximab on colon cancer cell lines
Takamitsu Hara
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Radiation dose on the ascending aorta and the heart for mediastinal lymphoma treatment with abc technique
ELENA Filatova
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Health regulation of multimodal technologies with positrons in Cuba
Consuelo Varela Corona
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High resolution PET detector module with optimized coordinate correction
Harutyun Poladyan
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Improvement of neuroendocrine tumor detection in In-111 pentetreotde SPECT
Yasuyuki Takahashi
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Reconstruction characteristics of the xSPECT Quant SPECT/CT reconstruction for Lu-177
Johannes Tran-Gia
ID: 1420
Dosimetric impact of PET CT based GTV contouring over conventional CT based GTV contouring for carcinoma esophagus
Subramani Vellaiyan
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Innovative analysis methods for preclinical evaluation of PET radiotracers for in-vivo imaging in neurological diseases
Fabian Schadt
ID: 307
Comparison of image reconstruction parameters of Philips Gemini TF 64 PET/CT imaging system: phantom and clinical evaluation
Delmar Arzabal
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Investigation of time-activity curve behavior in dynamic [11C]-(R)-PK11195 PET in brain cortical regions
Ana Maria Marques da Silva
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Optimization of quantification of mandibular growth
Tereza Kracmerova
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Optimization of quantitative 99mTc-MAA SPECT/CT imaging for 90Y radioembolization: a 3D-printed phantom study
Sara Ungania
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Estimation of Effective Dose to Patients using Voxelized Mathematical Models in Nuclear Medicine Examinations
Suhaib Alameen
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Matlab Graphical User Interface to Simulation with GATE Monte Carlo in Medical Physics
Catherine Silva
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Development of voxelized mouse phantom to Dosimetry in Nuclear Medicine through Monte Carlo Simulation
Catherine Silva
ID: 496
Design and fabrication of a thyroid monitoring dosimeter in radioiodine therapy
Sanaz Hariri Tabrizi
ID: 1696
Assessment of Patient Effective dose in Certain Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine Procedures
Hassan Salah