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List of e-posters
ID: 208
Research on Respiratory Signal Based on Angular Velocity
Guo Dan
ID: 235
RF ultrasound based longitudinal motion estimation of carotid artery wall: feasibility study
Monika Zambacevičienė
ID: 371
A novel design of multichannel laser photoplethysmography with lateral incident radiation in the wavelength regions with blood glucose absorption
Yasuhiro Yamakoshi
ID: 374
Analysis of biological response to pleasure emotion elicited by video
Masaji Yamashita
ID: 748
Sparse reconstruction method for decomposition of cardiac and respiratory components from bioimpedance measurements
Maksim Butsenko
ID: 1421
Photoplethysmographic measurements on clinical patients (>65 y) and healthy cohorts between ages of 18-75 y
Matti Huotari
ID: 313
To To Implement a Simple Device for Assessing Sleep Disorder
Pik Fei Yee
ID: 323
Using the mode decomposition methods to distinguish vibroarthrographic signals of Knee Joints
Jia-Jung Wang
ID: 599
Pain Correlation Comparison of Extracted Parameters based on Pain-induced Photoplethysmograpic Waveform Change Analysis and Surgical Pleth Index
Hangsik Shin
ID: 611
Steady and dynamic assessment of heart rate variability during head-up tilt based on short term measures
Yue Pan
ID: 613
Quantitative EEG in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease by AR-Spectral and Multi-scale Entropy Analysis
Xiaoke Chai
ID: 692
Multi-Gaussian decomposition of the microvascular pulse detects alterations in type 1 diabetes
Leonardo Bocchi
ID: 770
Control of urinary bladder volume in paraplegic and elderly people based on bioimpedance and neural networks
Michael Rodas
ID: 821
Multifractal analysis used to characterize the physical condition of subjects making exercise
Alejandro Muñoz-Diosdado
ID: 1219
Application of Empirical Mode Decomposition to Analyse Hemodynamic Response to Static Handgrip
Gerard Cybulski
ID: 1240
Combined phase and magnitude metric for validation of lower limb multibody dynamics muscle action with sEMG
Carlos Rodrigues
ID: 1378
Ensemble empirical mode decomposition based method for fetal phonocardiogram enhancement
Dragos Daniel Taralunga
ID: 1444
Optimum Features Computation Using Genetic Algorithm for Wet/Dry Cough Classification
Yusuf Amrulloh
ID: 58
Study on the dynamic vasodilatation of endothelia in peripheral capillaries during the local heating period
Jia-Jung Wang
ID: 344
A time-frequency approach for the assessment of dynamic muscle co-contractions
Annachiara Strazza
ID: 569
Investigation of the feasibility of postoperative pain assessment using frequency analysis of photoplethysmogram variability
Hangsik Shin
ID: 1124
The evaluation of the tremor: signal database of healthy control subjects
Jan Havlík
ID: 1224
Usability of Volume Pulse Wave Biosignal
David Korpas
ID: 1697
Simulation of required CPAP usage to normalize AHI in obstructive sleep apnea patients
Antti Kulkas
ID: 395
Analysis of electroencephalographic dynamic functional connectivity in Alzheimer’s disease
Pablo Núñez
ID: 515
Scalp level connectivity for representative channels in emotional status
Sio Hang Pun
ID: 1473
Analysis of cortical sensorimotor networks formed during different motor task categories in spinal cord injury
Nikos Terzopoulos
ID: 262
Automated neurons recognition and sorting for diamond based microelectrode arrays recording: feasibility study
Ondřej Klempíř
ID: 450
Classification of cardiovascular pathologies in artificial signals of a lumped parameter model using a naive Bayes algorithm
Stefan Krickl
ID: 490
Visual image search of spatial frequencies using convolutional neural network
Keisaburo Suto
ID: 512
Discrimination between day and night ECG recordings based on the morphology of P and T waves
George Manis
ID: 666
An alternative method for SAHS patients classification based on oximetry and respiratory effort signals
Eric Laciar Leber
ID: 671
Optimization of algorithms for real-time ECG beats classification
Rolando González-Tejeda
ID: 779
Artificial Neural Network applied like qualifier of symptoms in patients with Parkinson's disease by evaluating the movement of upper-limbs activities
Juan Pablo Bermeo
ID: 949
Analysis of kinematic parameters relationships in normal and dysgraphic children
Diamante Morello
ID: 950
Influence of dysgraphia on kinematic characteristics of handwriting in Italian primary school children
Giulia Silveri
ID: 1050
Pre-diagnosis of cardiac diseases by dynamic neural networks
Rogelio Higuera
ID: 1054
A Rapid Assessment Method on Fistula Stenosis Staging for Hemodialysis Patients
Yu-Yao Wang
ID: 1120
PCA-QDA models selection for detecting NS1 related diseases from SERS spectra of salivary mixtures
Khuan Y Lee
ID: 1126
Classification of myopotentials of hand’s motions to control applications
Lukas Peter
ID: 1423
Ultraviolet–Visible spectroscopy assessment of liver condition
Lukasz Surazynski
ID: 1487
Segmentation methods for biomedical multimodal long-time data acquired in real-live environment
Till Handel
ID: 120
Microstate analysis of aging-related brain connectivity alterations using EEG data
Ehtasham Javed
ID: 177
MEG Frequency tagging to track auditory neural processing during dichotic listening task
Keita Tanaka
ID: 217
Electrical Right and Left Cardiac Atrioventricular and Left Atrial Delay in Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Responder and Non-Responder with Sinus Rhythm
Matthias Heinke
ID: 234
Assessment of ECG signal quality after compression
Andrea Němcová
ID: 263
An algorithm to detect atrial fibrillation on lead II
Rene Ivan Gonzalez-Fernandez
ID: 280
MEG ASSR's to AM-modulated ambiguous musical segment reflecting the listener's induced state of illusory hearing
Iku Nemoto
ID: 308
Event-related synchronization/desynchronization in neural oscillatory changes caused by implicit biases of spatial frequency in electroencephalography
Kazuo Kato
ID: 321
A decision-making fusion method for heart rate estimation based on the multiple QRS detectors
Chengyu Liu
ID: 342
Are extensor digitorum brevis and gastrocnemius working together? Surface EMG analysis in healthy children
Annachiara Strazza
ID: 454
Proposed method of sub-windows in an autoregressive segmentation EEG signals
Jiri Millek
ID: 509
Temporal association between phase coupling of respiratory sinus arrhythmia and slow wave brain activity during sleep
Kyuichi Niizeki
ID: 524
Development of microminiaturized electrode intramuscular advanced multichannel EMG system
Venkateshwarla Rama Raju
ID: 534
Automatic detection of P wave in ECG during ventricular extrasystoles
Lucie Maršánová
ID: 582
Development of wearable hand motion estimation system using conductive fabric paste
Satoya Higashi
ID: 680
Variation of the EEG-energy in a second language class
Freddy Bueno-Palomeque
ID: 738
EEG coherence analysis in subjects after rehabilitation from stroke with motor imagery
Antonio Mauricio Miranda de Sá
ID: 758
Nonlinear dimensionality reduction and feature analysis for artifact component identification in hdEEG datasets
Jan Štrobl
ID: 782
Automatic detection of strict left bundle branch block
Radovan Smisek
ID: 843
Latent variate factorial PC and cluster analysis of multichannel multisited EMG Writer`s Cramp Signals (Based on means and variances)
Venkateshwarla Rama Raju
ID: 846
Muscle synergies for motor control evaluation
Natalia Lopez
ID: 885
A brain connectivity metric based on phase linearity measurement
Fabio Baselice
ID: 918
Assessment of human authentication model based on the activity of regulatory systems
Mikhail Matveev
ID: 1036
Round cosine transform based feature extraction of motor imagery EEG signals
Tiago Becker
ID: 1118
Assessment of micro t-wave alternans using t-wave morphology-based methods
Thaís Winkert
ID: 1159
Preprocessing of the BSPM Signals with Untraditionally Extreme Baseline Wandering
Michal Huptych
ID: 1193
A new approach of brain source position estimation based on the eigenvalues of the EEG sensors spatial covariance matrix
Jonas Kunzler
ID: 1204
Do physiological responses change with the difficulty level of a casual videogame?
Frederico Caetano Jandre de Assis Tavares
ID: 1232
Study of the reading activity through the processing of EEG signals, using an approach of the FDFA fluctuation function
Juan Cruz
ID: 1379
The automatic detection of epileptic seizures based on EEG signals processing: investigation of different features and classification algorithms
Dragos Daniel Taralunga
ID: 1455
Assessment of early muscle fatigue in type 2 diabetes with and without diabetic peripheral neuropathy using high density surface electromyography
Felipe Rettore Andreis
ID: 1470
Optimal window for the estimation of very low frequency content in heart rate variability analysis
Brayans Becerra-Luna
ID: 1675
Respiration monitoring by combining EMG and bioimpedance measurements
Roman Kusche